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  1. Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering
About City

Web Applications Development

  • Identify and understand the core components of a web-based application
  • Learn a range of fundamental web technologies and languages used in the creation of web-based applications
  • Design and develop a dynamic web-based application

Course leader - Pete Goodman

In recent years the web has evolved from a relatively static information network to an interactive information exchange space, with dynamic web applications growing in popularity and becoming commonplace in our digital lives.

This module aims to teach you how to build a dynamic web application. You will learn how to combine rich client-side interfaces with server-side processing and a database in order to handle and display information in real-time. In the process, you will acquire a working knowledge of HTML, PHP and MySQL.

The module will identify and explain the inner workings of a modern web application.

You will come out as a proficient and creative user of these ubiquitous technologies, having developed a fully functioning web application.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Create a normalised relational database model, and use this to develop a (MySQL) database to store and retrieve information
  • Use a server-side language to create, read, update and delete data from a database
  • Build a web application that uses a server-side language (PHP) to filter and manipulate data, and display it in a web browser
  • Use client-side technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to display and provide interaction with information in a manner that complies with the established W3C standards of valid semantic markup.

Coursework showcase

  • Link An exceptionally good library information system. The site encompasses a catalogue search, communication between users and a very well integrated blog for users to comment on books.

Students' feedback

" The assignment itself was a fantastic exercise which I found very worthwhile. "

" A real desire to produce new and interesting web applications develops fast, and the learning materials are well graduated to aid a steady development of the coursework. "

" The enthusiasm of the module leader for the subject, even studying at distance, is infectious! "


Students taking this module who have gone on to successful careers as web developers include:

  • Jack Herbert - Web Designer/Developer, Miniclip
  • Jean-Christophe Pascal - Webmaster, Courrier International, France.
  • Konstantinos Vainas - Web producer, Apple
  • Lawrence Naman - Web Designer, City, University of London