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About City

Meet the Team

The City Racing team is led by students on the undergraduate Mechanical Engineering course and supported by the academic staff and facilities in the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering. In their own words, the following is a little more about who they are and what they do.

Edward Talboys (Team Leader)

Edward Talboys is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student. As team leader, Ed is responsible for ensuring that each team member has access to everything they need for designing and building the single-seat car. He also manages the project budget and makes sure that the different sub-teams complete tasks on time. Currently studying for his Masters of Engineering, Ed is completing his dissertation on Aerodynamics.

"I consider my individual research project during Year 3 to be the most interesting part of my experience as an engineering student at City. As part of the project, I was able to collaborate with an F1 team. I also completed a placement year in the industry, which is a really good way to gain insights into almost every part of engineering and enhance your CV."

Olabode Brown (Powertrain Leader)

Olabode Brown is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering Student. As the powertrain leader, he is responsible for managing the team and ensuring successful collaboration with the sub-teams. Olabode checks various ancillary systems, holds design review meetings and ensures that the detailed drawings of the various parts are ready to pass to the technicians for manufacturing. He also contacts suppliers for raw materials and/or services that the team needs.

"We definitely feel ready for the real engineering world after we graduate from City. Formula Student forces you to take all the things you've been learning and to apply them into making something which will work in the real world. Also, the London location is essential for studying engineering and gaining exposure to all the opportunities available here."

Adnan Rahman (Suspension Design Assistant)

Adnan is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. He is a general point of support for the team and helps with the suspension design of the car. He also discusses the manufacturing stages and the process of setting up the single-seat racing car with the team leader, Edward Talboys.

"I'm very grateful for the Formula Student project. It enables me to work on high-quality projects and improve my risk management skills. Everyone works hard on their part. We always actively talk to one another to ensure the car is the best it can be. We support each other enormously."

Michael Gelyanah (Volunteer Assistant Design Engineer)

Michael Gelyanah is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student. He has been a volunteer for the Formula Student project for two years and is an Assistant Design Engineer who oversees the manufacture and design of different components. He also helps with the manufacture of suspension components and assists with the installation of the engine’s cooling system.

"I really enjoy the team spirit within City Racing. The technical staff is great. They are very friendly and more than happy to help. The students are extremely fortunate to have such a big lab space, just outside the City of London. Everybody in the team is helpful and even just observing the other members contributes to my understanding of the academic assignments outside Formula Student. This has made me a better engineer and a better human being."

Support team

Though the project is student-led, two academic leaders - competition supervisors Roger Valsler and Keith Pullen - are on-hand to provide guidance throughout the year. There is also a full-time technician, whose main responsibility is to help students during the Formula Student project. The City Formula Team has a dedicated lab space, providing all the tools required to build the vehicle.