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About City

Joining and Competing

The City Racing team consists of 11 fourth-year engineering students from the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering at City.

Fourth-year students can take part as part of their course and the project contributes to their academic assignments. Each student is given a specific task for the year to help the team. A few third-year undergraduate students are also part of the team and the project forms part of their course modules. Exposure to this high-profile, real work environment provides students with invaluable skills and experience.

For students with prior motor-racing driving experience opportunities to drive for the team are also available.

The Competition

Patron: To be confirmed.

When: 20th to 23rd July 2017

Where: The car will be tested at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire.

Events: Static, dynamic and endurance (detailed below):

  • Static events: static events include analysis of the car’s design, cost and sustainability. The team makes a presentation to a panel of investors and attempts to convince judges of the idea’s potential.
  • Dynamic events: a drag race to test the car’s acceleration on a short, straight course.
  • Endurance test: this test takes place along a path for a total of 22 km. The skid pan part includes a test on a specially prepared surface on which drivers can practice controlled skids.