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About City

Seminar Series 2018-19

2nd October 2018 Lorenzo Bianchi (QMUL)
9th October 2018 Luca Dell Anna (Padova)
16th October 2018 Andrea De Luca (Oxford)
23rd October 2018 Pascal Simon (Paris Sud)
6th November 2018 Eric Vernier (Oxford)
13th November 2018 Pedro Tamaroff (Trinity College, Dublin)
20th November 2018

Paola Ruggiero (SISSA)

27th November 2018

Guenter Wunner (Stuttgart)

4th December 2018 Petr Siegl (Queen's University of Belfast)
22nd January 2018 Chris Herzog (King's)
29th January 2018 Rouven Frassek (IHES)
5th February 2019 Alastair Rucklidge (Leeds)
12th February 2019 Radu Tatar (Liverpool)
19th February 2019 Olaf Lechtenfeld (Hannover)
26th February 2019 READING WEEK
5th March 2019 Weini Huang (QMUL)
12th March 2019 Ali Mostafazadeh (Koc)
19th March 2019 Misha Portnoi (Exeter)
25th March 2019 Sat Gupta (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
2nd April 2019 Seung-Joo Lee (CERN)