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About City

Davide Bianchini


  • BSc in Physics, University of Bologna, Italy (2008-2011).
  • Two-year MSc in Physics, University of Bologna, Italy (2011-2013).
  • PhD in Mathematics, City, University of London, UK (2013-).

Research Interests

Integrable quantum field theory, conformal field theory and integrable lattice systems. Entanglement Entropy in integrable models.

Teaching Activity

Probability & Statistics, exercise class, 1st year Undegraduate Maths.
Drop-in tutorial, 2nd year Undergraduate Maths (subjects include: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Numerical Mathematics).
Linear Algebra, exercise class, 2nd year Undergraduate Actuarial Sciences.

Key Publications

DB, O Castro-Alvaredo, B Doyon, E Levi & F Ravanini, Entanglement Entropy of Non-Unitary Conformal Field Theory, J Phys A48, 04FT01 (2015), arXiv:1405.2804.

DB, E Ercolessi, P A Pearce & F Ravanini, RSOS Quantum Chains Associated With Off-Critical Minimal Models And Zn Parafermions, J Stat Mech 1503, P03010 (2015),arXiv:1412.4942.

DB, O Castro-Alvaredo & B Doyon, Entanglement Entropy of Non-Unitary Integrable Quantum Field Theory, Nuc Phys B896, 835880 (2015), arXiv:1502.03275.

DB and F Ravanini, Entanglement Entropy from Corner Transfer Matrix in Forrester Baxter Non-Unitary RSOS Models, to appear on J Phys A, arXiv:1509.04601