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Chocoholic Safe

Chocoholics will soon be able to limit their intake and lead a healthier lifestyle, thanks to a groundbreaking new project by a City, University of London student.

Kanwar Dhesi, 21, a final year BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering undergraduate, is aiming to create a “chocoholic safe” as part of his project.

The safe, which can deliver only one portion of chocolate each day, will store different shapes and sizes of chocolate, while being secure and easy to reload.

Dhesi is in the preliminary stages of the project, and has been able to research similar problems that face this type of research.

“A vending machine, cat feeder and, of course, a safe have all allowed me to obtain a clearer vision of how to move forward with the problem, and the components used,” said Dhesi.

Combining programming language and using a microcontroller, Dhesi hopes to increase his skills and at the same time be able to solve real-world problems through the planning and preparation of the project.

Yet, with lifeMojo, an online healthy lifestyle community, stating that chocolate is the second most addictive food, how effective does Dhesi think his product will be?

“At the end of the day I think the product is just a small solution,” said Dhesi. “It is up to the end user to stop eating it.”

The project is the first of its kind at City. Dhesi decided to get involved, partly because he is very interested in using microcontrollers but also, he said “because the project seemed to be an interesting problem that had not been solved before, so would be a challenge”.

"Single-chip computers known as microcontrollers are now found in almost all aspects of our lives"

David Styles, industrial tutor in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, said: “Single-chip computers known as microcontrollers are now found in almost all aspects of our lives as they are now used to control everything from consumer electronics to factory production. So, it is vital that our courses and projects such as the chocoholic safe reflect this.”

Written by Stefan Marseglia, final year BA (Hons) Journalism with Sociology student, City University London.

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