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About City

The EGPR course

The European Global Product Realisation (EGPR) course is an academic virtual enterprise, consisting of different universities and one industrial partner.

Academic instructors, students and company specialists are all involved in EGPR over the course of one study semester. The primary goals of the enterprise are to gain professional and communication knowledge and to solve a practical problem set by the partner company.

Those involved in the EGPR course are brought together by advanced communication means, where videoconferencing is considered as the key communication tool. Students gradually gain knowledge by attending lectures, given by renowned professors and other experts and professionals. International student teams are formed, bringing together knowledge from different fields to try to solve the problems set in the assignment. The teams then present their research work during group sessions. At the end of the semester, students develop physical prototypes. Everyone involved in the EGPR course attends a closing workshop in the country of the industrial partner and host institution at the end of the semester, where all components will be assembled together and the research work publicly presented and evaluated.