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Services to Industry

Services to Industry from AIS

Many technologies developed in the Autonomous and Intelligent Systems group have direct industrial application. This page provides companies with information about how they can work with AIS.

Areas of Expertise

For full details please see the AIS group's Research page. Previous and ongoing links between AIS and industry include:

Consultancy, Contract Research and Research Grants

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

KTP is a government scheme which helps companies access the knowledge and skills within the UK's 'Knowledge Base', e.g. universities. KTP helps companies to draw on this expertise by supporting key development projects and developing able graduates with specialist knowledge and skills.

A KTP programme is an agreed programme of work carried out by a KTP associate based at the company and supported from City half a day per week by an academic with relevant expertise.

A KTP project must be shown to be strategically important to a company, require the input of a University or other research institution, and provide an excellent career-base for a graduate. Common objectives of KTP projects include:

  • Developing new products and markets
  • Improving quality, productivity, sales and customer responsiveness
  • Reducing costs
  • Recruiting and developing expertise

The company commitment is approximately 40% of the total costs of the scheme. The scheme is administered by City and the associate is an employee of City.

For further details, see the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships home page.

Sponsoring a PhD Student

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Training in AIS Technologies

AIS academics can provide specific training in the technologies we develop. For details please see our Research page and the summary of our areas of expertise above.

Contacts for Further Details

For further details, please contact either the Professional Liaison Office or the relevant AIS academic directly.

If you are interested in hiring a undergraduate or postgraduate student on an industrial placement, internship or for project work, please visit the Professional Liaison Unit or email us on smcse-placements@city.ac.uk.