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About City

Business and Information Systems

City University London is at the leading edge of computer science education, research and enterprise consultancy, with facilities based in the heart of London.

The department benefits from City's central London location; allowing for close ties with the industry and a wide range of professional sectors, leading to one of the UK's highest rates of graduate employability and a host of research-led enterprise opportunities. City's close ties with business and the professions allow for a wealth of work placement and internship opportunities for students, and have resulted in partnerships with Tech City, including Digital Shoreditch and City, Unrulyversity of London.

City has been at the leading edge of computer science in the UK for six decades; from laying the groundwork for the foundation of the British Computer Society and awarding some of the country's first Computer Science degrees, to the vibrant, modern department that exists today.

Why study MSc Business Systems Analysis and Design?

The course will equip you with specialist knowledge ranging from business systems requirements analysis and design, software systems engineering and data modelling to IT strategy, project management and business engineering with ERP solutions.

Practical work is emphasised throughout to develop understanding and skills which are strengthened by interactive teamwork approach. The course has an excellent track record in producing highly employable hybrid IT/business professionals.

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Why study MSc Information Systems and Technology?

Information systems are a key part of an organisation's IT infrastructure. IT professionals who can manage a business's information resource, and understand the technologies and systems that enable this are key to a modern enterprise's success.

A degree in information systems and technology will equip you with the skills to develop and maintain information systems that align with the strategic needs of any organisation. Rather than focusing on technical issues only, the course combines technological fundamentals with a systematic understanding of IT's broader business contexts, including human and organisational factors.

The course exploits City's research expertise in both computing and information management to produce effective professionals with a broad understanding of IT underpinned by a firm grasp of key technical concerns.

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British Computer Society

British Computer Society

Both courses are accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS). Graduates from the course are exempt from the BCS Certificate, Diploma and Diploma Project.

SAP Certification

Extending our long established relationship with SAP. Both MSc degree students are now eligible to register for the SAP TERP10 Certification course at a substantial discount.