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    1. Shahnaz Sulaiman
About City

Recent completions

  • Anna Evangelidi
    PhD Title: UAV warfare and the Law of Armed Conflict: A case of Legal and Ethical Interregnum
  • Eugenio Vaccari
    PhD Title: Insolvency Statutory Rules and Contractual Freedoms: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Anna Labedzka
    PhD Title:The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and prosperity.
  • Amar Vasani
    PhD Title: Shipbuilding Disputes: Influence of Industry Norms on Law and Contracts
  • Dimitrios Arvanitis
    PhD Title: Collaboration and Contract Management in the Context of Offshore Oil and Gas Contracts – An English Law Analysis
  • Petya Ilieva
    PhD Title: Judicialisation of International Commercial Arbitration
  • Neshat Safari
    PhD Title: Reconsidering the Role of the Derivative Claim in the United Kingdom. A Comparative Study with the United States and New Zealand
  • Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa
    PhD Title: Deconstructing “Abandonment of Seafarers”  - A study on the transnationality of abandonment of seafarers: To what extent do private actors/ shipping industry stakeholders have an impact on abandonment of seafarers?
  • Oliver O’Callaghan
    PhD Title: Privacy and a Free Press: Locating the Public Interest
  • Faizah Nazri Abd Rahman
    PhD Title: Shipper Liability for Cargo
  • Aniekan Akpan
    PhD Title: Maritime Cabotage Law: Its Ramifications in World Trade and Services
  • Carlo Corcione
    PhD Title: Third Parties protection in carriage of goods by sea
  • Gauri Sinha
    PhD Title: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in Banks: A Critical Analysis of UK Law and Regulation
  • Sam McIntosh
    PhD Title: Open Justice and Investigations into Deaths at the Hands of the State
  • Nataliya Hitsevich
    PhD Title: Intellectual Property Infringement on the Internet: An Analysis of the Private International Law Implications
  • Guari Sinha 
    PhD Title: Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in Banks: A Critical Analysis of UK Law and Regulation
  • Shahnaz Sulaiman
    PhD Title: General Aviation - The Application of Stakeholder Theory to the Regulatory Framework.
  • Alex Antoniou
    PhD Title: Extreme Pornography and Prosecution Practice in England and Wales
  • Chiara Berneri
    PhD Title: The Movement and Residence Rights of Third Country National Family Members of EU Citizens: A Historical and Jurisprudential Approach
  • Jose Maria Lezcano
    PhD Title: The Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil in Panama: An Anglo-American Doctrine in the Civil Law Context
  • Mohammed Barakat
    PhD Title: The legality of the use of force against Iraq in 2003
  • Chijioke Chijioke Oforji
    PhD Title: The Transnational Governance of Sovereign Wealth Funds through the Santiago Principles and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds.
  • Simge Haznedaroglu
    PhD Thesis Title: Analysis of the policy considerations that have influenced Turkey’s corporate governance framework from a socio-legal perspective
  • Mariem Ben Slimane
    PhD Title: Arab countries in the World Trade Organization: an emerging Arab presence within the WTOs decision-making and dispute-settlement process.