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About City

Research Students

Find out about the research interests of our current PhD and MPhil students.

  1. Minli Tang

    Minli's research at The City Law School focuses on the offshore energy industry from a private commercial law perspective.

  2. Eugenio Vaccari

    Eugenio’s PhD comparative thesis focuses on the treatment of commercial distress and on the way in which statutory provisions affect partie ...

  3. Anna Evangelidi

    Anna's thesis focuses on UAV warfare and the Law of Armed Conflict

  4. Anna Labedzka

    Research student Anna is working on the thesis The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and p ...

  5. Julie Crutchley

    Julie is studying the role of victim participation and reparations in international criminal law to align the goals of peace and justice.

  6. Veronica Shleina

    Veronica is interested in researching child and family law and the relationship between EU law and human rights law.

  7. Alexander Gilder

    Alexander’s thesis will uncover whether UN peace operations pursue human security under their mandates

  8. Maja Zarkovic

    Research student Maja is working on Asylum Seekers Suspected of Serious Criminality: The Political Implications of Article 1F.

  9. Dogan Gultutan

    Dogan's research concerns the general legal principles regarding the awarding of damages in international investment arbitrations

  10. Plamen Dinev

    Plamen’s PhD thesis focuses on the IP implications of 3D printing

  11. Shengnan Jia

    Shengnan's thesis relates to lien clauses in charterparties from common and civil law perspectives.

  12. Alex Powell

    Research Student Alex is working on Queering Refugee Law: A Study of Sexual and Gender Minority Asylum Guidance and Practice

  13. Chijioke Chijioke Oforji

    Chijioke’s Research at City Law School investigates the regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds from an economic governance angle.

  14. Simge Haznedaroglu

    Simge examines how the Turkish Corporate Governance framework has been influenced by both internal and external factors.

  15. Mariem Ben Slimane

    Arab countries in the World Trade Organization: an emerging Arab presence within the WTOs decision-making and dispute-settlement process.

  16. Aidan Swietochowski

    Aidan’s research at The City Law School focuses on defining artworks, predominantly within the legal frameworks of the UK.

  17. Annabel Beales

    Annabel is studying the suitability of interests-based and values-based approaches to FPIC consultation.