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Past Seminars

Previous external research seminars
Date Title and Speaker
02/12/2015 Video games and IP: The intricate relationship between Interactivity and Creativity, Dr Gaetano Dimita, Queen Mary University of London
04/11/2015 Reflecting change: public participation and the application of old regulation to a new technology, Olivia Hamlyn, Phd candidate UCL

Much ado about nothing? - Is IP law ready for the 3D printing "revolution", Dr Marc Mimler, UCL


The Lego Brick and the International Intellectual Property System, 1955-2015, Professor Dan Hunter, Foundation Dean, Swinburne Law School, Australia.

03/06/2015 The Elusive Nature of ICSID Tribunals' Decisions: Interim Decisions, Res Judicata and Finality in Investment Arbitration, Dr Paolo Vargiu, University of Leicester
06/05/2015 Parody and copyright in European Union copyright law
Jonathan Griffiths, Queen Mary University of London
01/04/2015 The concept of 'public' in copyright law
Stavroula Karapapa, University of Reading
04/03/2015 From Partners to Joint Parents
Dr Ayelet Blecher-Prigat - Sha'arei Mishpat Law School in Israel
04/02/2015 The free press: necessary freedoms
Dr John Charney, Universidad Católica de Chile
03/12/2014  New media between copyright protection and the access to network conundrum
Dr Nicola Lucchi, Jönköping International Business School
05/11/2014 Tort law defences
Dr James Goudkamp, University of Oxford
01/10/2014 The constitutional identity of EU Member States as a limit to the transfer of sovereign powers to the EU
Dr Theodore Konstantinides, University of Surrey
5 June 2014 Dr Abayomi Al-Ameen, City University London
29 May 2014 The protection of fundamental rights in internet and European judicial dialogue: an attempt of emancipation and reconciliation
Professor Oreste Pollicino, Bocconi University, Milan
7 May 2014 Networks of power in digital copyright law and policy: political salience, expertise and the legislative process
Dr Benjamin Ferrand, University of Strathclyde
2 April 2014 Hot off the press: the collective management directive
Dr Maria Mercedes Frabboni, University of Sussex
10 March 2014 Current problems of the Companies Act 2006 through the eyes of a foreign commentator
Professor Alexander Schall, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Institut für Wirtschaftsrecht
5 March 2014 The shifting landscape of Article 8 ECHR and its impact on the English law of defamation (and privacy)
Professor Tanya Aplin, King's College, London
5 February 2014 Looking back on the Kadi saga: the coming of age of judicial review
Dr Filippo Fontanelli, University of Surrey
4 December 2013 The EU and the rule of law - what next?
Professor Laurent Pech, Middlesex University
27 November 2013 Professor Ruthann Robson, City University New York
6 November 2013 The extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia: a wasted opportunity for victims of sexual and gender-based violence?
Professor Sarah Williams , University of New South Wales
2 October 2013 Seeking justice for extraordinary renditions: recent development before domestic and international courts
Dr Silvia Borrelli, University of Bedfordshire
6 March 2013 Legal reasoning from statutes and cases: civil law meets common law
Professor Thomas Lundmark, University of Hull
6 February 2013 Transitional justice in the Balkans
Dr Agata Fijalkowski, Lancaster University
5 December 2012 Neoliberal Leninism with Chinese characteristics: Understanding Chinese communications regulation and its international aspects
Dr Rogier Creemers, University of Oxford
7 November 2012 Federalism: the EU's uncommon principle
Dr Nikos Skoutaris, London School of Economics
3 October 2012 Is the European convention going to be 'supreme'? A comparative-constitutional overview of ECHR and EU law before national courts
Dr Giuseppe Martinico, García Pelayo Fellow Centro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales, Madrid
4 April 2012 Kenya in the shadow of the ICC: Gravity and complementarity
Professor Chandra Sriram, SOAS, University of London
7 March 2012 Comparing youth justice in Italy and England and Wales
Dr Stewart Field, Cardiff Law School
1 February 2012 Executive Pay and Notions of Justice
Professor Charlotte Villiers, Bristol Law School
7 December 2011 Business and human rights in conflict
Dr Olga Martin, University of East London
2 November 2011 What happened next? The first four years of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
Dr Daithi Mac Síthigh, University of East Anglia
6 April 2011 Graffiti rules: parallel intellectual property norms in public space
Marta Iljadica, Research Fellow, City Law School
16 March 2011 Solidarity post-Lisbon and/or EU citizenship
Professor Malcolm Ross, Sussex University
2 February 2011 Material support for terrorism in US and EU Law
Dr Cian Murphy, King's College
1 December 2010 Adapting the full protection and security standard of international investment law to the digital age
David Collins, The City Law School
3 November 2010 The ECtHR Grand Chamber in Kononov v Latvia (17 May 2010): is the Russian Federation correct in its understanding of the relationship between politics and international law?
Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College
6 October 2010 Mental incapacity doctrines in criminal law
Dr Arlie Loughnan, University of Sydney Law School, LSE Visiting Fellow