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External Research Seminars

City Law School regularly organizes research seminars aimed at fostering academic discussion amongst scholars from different institutions. Seminars are led by external speakers who are invited to City to give a talk on one of their latest papers and thus have an opportunity to debate topics and exchange their ideas and opinions with City academics. Post-talk debates are particularly interesting: in addition to providing the audience with an insight from an expert in a particular field of law and policy, they give speakers the possibility of integrating their thoughts with different angles suggested by seminars' attendees.

Past seminars have covered different areas of law and policy, including EU law, international public law, intellectual property and media law and policy.

External academics are encouraged to send us proposals for talks (together with a short abstract). Proposals should be sent to the research seminars coordinator, Dr Enrico Bonadio.

Law research seminar series 2016
Date Speaker and title
24/03/2016Meet our Visiting Scholars
24/03/2016 City University New York Visit - Meeting with PhD students
06/04/2016 EU Administrative Law and its Interplay with International Law
Professor Edoardo Chiti, Università La Tuscia, Italy
04/05/2016 Legal recognition of same-sex partnerships in Strasbourg proceedings                                                   
Dr John Charney, Universidad Católica de Chile
01/06/2016 TBC
10/06/2016 Dominion Status at the Twilight of the British Empire