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About City

Oil and Gas Law Research Group

About us

Energy fuels the development of human society. Along with sustainable development, global energy demand continues to grow. While the fuel mix is evolving from traditional, conventional energy to renewable and alternative energy sources, fossil fuels will continue to be dominant. Oil and gas is and will be the pillar of the global energy supply in the foreseeable future.

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest, most complex, and important global industries. The industry interacts at various levels with other business counterparts as well as many different stakeholders such as governments, regulators, local communities. It comes therefore as no surprise that the industry is confronted with complicated legal issues which have to be examined and explored rigorously.

The Oil and Gas Law Research Group (OGLRG) is a research group affiliated with the City Law School, City University London. The Group mainly comprises of academics and researchers of University. We set out to establish close cooperation with the industry and law firms in the energy sector. OGLRG focuses on the commercial legal challenges that the oil and gas industry faces, without losing sight of the legislative, policy and regulatory developments that underpin them. We act as a forum where academics, professionals and industry insiders can communicate and cooperate with each other. Via research, communication, and interaction,  we aim to promote the understanding and development of the legal, regulatory and policy issues in the global oil and gas industry.

Mission Statement

OGLRG conducts broad and in-depth research on the legal, commercial and policy legal affecting the global oil and gas industry in the following ways:.


OGLRG features aspects of the primary and original research conducted by the PhD students of the City Law School. It is also an open forum to postgraduate and undergraduate students to present their work. Also, important legal and policy developments would be analysed and findings disseminated to various interested quarters.

Industry Insight

Our blog will generate and repost relevant newsletters, presentations, and articles from industry associations, law firms, and researchers to keep track of the changes in the field and serve as a useful source of industrial intelligence.

Seminars and Events

The Group will be organising periodically seminars and events on timely and trending issues. Our events are targeted to both students and practitioners, as our aim is to blend an academic perspective with practitioners’ insight. Information of upcoming seminars will be posted through our blog.