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Jean Monnet Chair in Law and Transatlantic Relations

The Jean Monnet Chair in Law & Transatlantic Relations aims to study and critically reflect upon the largest case study of global governance in the international legal order, the transatlantic alliance.

About the Chair

The Erasmus+ funded Jean Monnet Chair in Law and Transatlantic relations is awarded to Elaine Fahey (2019-2022) to promote the development of law and transatlantic relations in research, education, policy making, professional development and public engagement.

  • The Chair studies the role played by the EU as a global actor in global governance at a critical time, public dissemination of expert analysis and the engagement with civil society becomes crucial.
  • The Chair offers revamped and revised teaching as well as new EU law and global governance modules, including highly innovative interdisciplinary modules (e.g. on transatlantic relations, global governance and clinical legal education) and the use of new teaching formats (e.g. distance learning).
  • The Chair promotes deeper understanding of international relations, the global reach of EU law and to focus on the role of international organisations and third countries in the EU’s global actions. It organises events enabling key target groups engage with the EU, its powers, functioning and policies.