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Recent publications by BPTC staff

As the founding provider of the BPTC (formerly BVC), our bar team at Gray's Inn lead the market in assessing and developing the way in which future barristers are trained. Working closely with the Oxford University Press (OUP), our academics even write the text books that are used by most providers in teaching the Bar Professional Training Course.

The "Bar Manuals" series includes a number of titles that cover the compulsory and elective subjects taught on the bar course and are a critical part of every barrister's education. You will receive copies of course manuals as part of your BPTC.

Titles in this series include:

- Advanced Criminal Litigation in Practice
- Advocacy
- Company Law in Practice
- Conference Skills
- Criminal Litigation and Sentencing
- Drafting
- Employment Law in Practice
- Evidence
- Family Law in Practice
- Opinion Writing and Case Preparation
- Professional Ethics
- Professional Negligence Litigation in Practice
- Remedies

For full information on the publications in this series please visit the Oxford University Press website: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk

Other texts written by BPTC staff include:

A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure
'A must for any student or practitioner - from pre-action protocols to appeals, all substantive steps are covered with clarity and in refreshingly simple language'.
Written by Professor Stuart Sime.
Published by Oxford University Press (2011)

A Practical Approach to ADR
'The authoritative text on this emerging area for students and practitioners alike'.
Written by Julie Browne, Susan Blake and Professor Stuart Sime
Published by Oxford University Press (2010)

Blackstone's Civil Practice
'The go-to text for expert analysis and guidance on civil litigation in both the county courts and the High Court'.
Written by Professor Stuart Sime (authors include: Julie Browne, Professor Adrian Keane and Lisa Laurenti)
Published by Oxford University Press (2011)

Blackstone's Criminal Practice
'The essential guide to criminal practice and procedure in both the Crown and magistrates' courts'.
Authors include Professor Adrian Keane and Peter Hungerford-Welch.
Published by Oxford University Press (2011)

Criminal Procedure and Sentencing
'This classic text analyses every step of the criminal process from arrest all the way to trial, sentencing and appeal'.
Written by Peter Hungerford-Welch.
Published by Routledge-Cavendish (2008)

A Practical Approach to Effective Litigation
'Analyses all the key skills a lawyer needs to handle a case effectively'.
Written by Susan Blake.
Published by Oxford University Press (2009)

The Modern Law of Evidence
'The authoritative text on contemporary law of evidence and still a vital tool for practitioners and judges alike'.
Written by Professor Adrian Keane and
Paul McKeown
Published by Oxford University Press (2012)