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About City

Students and alumni

Here's what our students have to say about us...

Karen Ayat

Coming from a different school of Law - having studied French and Lebanese Law- the LLM in International Commercial Law enriched and broadened my understanding and knowledge of Law and its practices from a Common Law perspective.

The LLM allows for specialisation in particular fields, such as: International Competition Law or International Banking Law. To compare it with the French way of teaching, City, University of London adopts a more relaxed atmosphere and flexible approach in teaching, which encourages enriching conversations and debates.

From a career perspective, an LLM opens the door many opportunities, whether one is seeking to pursue a career in law or to work in any other sector - it builds a certain way of thinking and analysing, ingredients to one's success in all fields. Personally, I have found a job as a private banker even before graduating.

Finally and most importantly, what I have gained and maintained from my experienced in City, University of London, as an LLM student, are the many friendships I have made with colleagues and teachers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, a mix that has certainly enriched and added to my experience of the LLM. These contacts add so much value on both a personal and professional levels.

András Horváth

The LLM programme at The City Law School is aimed at accommodating professionals from all stages of their careers. Not just the course, but the extracurricular events are also organised to suit the needs of such professionals. Making connections and networking at events, such as the Law and Practice Forum or just a simple wine reception can matter significantly later on.

The City Law School also offers the unique opportunity to take an internship, which can be arranged either by the law school, or they can help you to find work experience elsewhere. This not only offers the very useful possibility of testing and using the knowledge that you have obtained during the course immediately in practice, but it might be crucial for your career later on, displaying practical knowledge and initiative.

London is a vibrant business and legal centre, and the LLM. programme at The City Law School reflects this with courses frequently touching upon the topics dealt by professionals in legal London.Staff also have a substantial amount of practice and pass that experience onto students.

An international programme like the LLM, where students have to navigate unfamiliar waters, the guidance from the professors is pivotal. The attitude and accessibility of the professors at the School adds great value to your studies in London.

Dasha V. Romanova

The City LLM is well structured and the quality of the teaching is outstanding. The student body is comprised of people with strong educational and professional backgrounds, which motivates you to do your best.

The teaching team is always willing to listen to you and provide you with advice, with professors even taking the time to go out for coffee with you to discuss your current and future steps.

Even if your professional life will not be linked to law, the LLM experience allows you to build an enormously strong foundation for whatever professional area you find yourself in.

Viktoria Ergolavou

Once I decided to study for an LLM in London, I started researching about the best institutions to study for an LLM. City's LLM got my attention straight away, because of the very interesting and specialised courses offered. Plus more, the opportunity to win an internship with a global law firms played a key role in my decision, as I was planning to live and work abroad from my country. The feedback I heard for this LLM was very satisfying so I have to say that, although I was made offers from other institution, choosing City was an easy choice!

Our Alumni

The City Law School alumni include hundreds of highly respected judges and Queen's Counsel, barristers and solicitors, as well as those who have achieved distinction in other fields, including:

  • Henry Asquith
  • Tony Blair
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • M. A Jinnah
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Margaret Thatcher