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About City

Public Speaking and Voice Training


The way you use your voice and posture influences the effectiveness of your message, whether this be in presentations or client meetings. Do you need to be able to reproduce the voice you want when you want in any circumstances under any stresses? Our in-house course will enable you to maximise your impact and enhance your ability to communicate.

Key learning points

  • Developing techniques to enhance voice and communication skills
  • Managing voice and breathing
  • Experiencing the benefits of correct posture and explore how to make a full resonant sound
  • Projecting your voice with ease
  • Practicing delivering messages which engage and retain people's attention
  • Exploring ways in which language used in public speaking impacts upon an audience
  • Refining and enhance your professional performance skills
  • Examining the impact of the way you structure your arguments


  • Enhancing your impact
  • Increasing confidence and reducing stress
  • Engaging and retaining people's attention
  • Getting your message across
  • Feeling relaxed and alert
  • Sustaining professional performance