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About City

Opinion Writing


All professionals, lawyers and non-lawyers alike need to give advice to clients in writing. Whether you call it a Report, an Opinion or Advice, the skill is the same. How your advice is written and presented has a huge impact on how your message is received. This course shows you how to develop your skills to enable you to produce a first class opinion.

Whatever your profession, we will tailor the course to the field in which your delegates work. If the field is not law or tax, we will develop the materials and exercises with you.

Key learning points

  • The nature of a professional opinion
  • Recognising good and bad qualities
  • Identifying issues and fact finding
  • Exercising professional judgment
  • Applying the law to the facts
  • Dealing with complex technical matters
  • Expressing your conclusions
  • Structure, style and content of your report 

As an option, the course may include critique of opinions written in advance by delegates.


  • Improving written advice
  • Establishing best practice across the firm