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About City

Equal Opportunities


All solicitors must comply with Rule 6 of the Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007:

6.01 Duty not to discriminate

"You must not in your professional dealings with employees, partners, members, directors, barristers, other lawyers, clients or third parties discriminate, without lawful cause, against any person, nor victimise or harass them..."

Rule 6 is designed to prevent discrimination and our workshop is designed to ensure you are clear about your professional obligations and how to put them into practice.

Key learning points

  • Teaching delegates the principles of equal opportunities legislation
  • Raising cultural awareness
  • Introducing a model of flexibility to respect differing cultural orientations
  • Understanding corporate and individual responsibility in relation to Rule 6 


  • Avoiding diversity pitfalls in the workplace
  • Reducing the risk of discrimination claims
  • Achieving a comprehensive understanding of equal opportunities legislation 

All our courses can be tailored to meet your needs and is also available as a two hour lunch time seminar.