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About City

Employment Tribunals


This special one day course covers all the key aspects of preparing a Tribunal case.  It guides you through the procedure from a practical standpoint and will be essential for managers, in-house lawyers, HR managers and anyone who needs to be aware of practice and procedure in this are of law.

Key learning points

  • Drafting the Claim Form and Response
  • Dealign with disclosure, witness statements, bundles, skeletons, chronologies
  • Seeking information and analysing issues
  • Mock pre-hearing review
  • Mock client interviewing
  • Mock tribunal hearing on application for costs


  • Tips and advice on how to prepare for a hearing effectively and efficiently
  • Opportunities to improve skills and techniques through practical exercises and role play
  • Expert feedback from an experienced trainer and Tribunal Chairman
  • Learning how to become more persuasive at the hearing