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About City

Discrimination Law


This course offers a detailed and practical guide to discrimination law and practice.  On this course you will experience a range of case studies on age, sex, race and disability discrimination. 

Key learning points

  • Drafting the claim form and response form
  • Dealing with allegations of direct/indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Procedure in employment tribunals in discrimination cases
  • Preparing for a tribunal
  • Participating in a mock tribunal hearing
  • Advising a client (role plays)
  • Understanding remedies for discrimination
  • Drafting a schedule of loss/counter-schedule

Benefits include:

  • In-depth analysis of discrimination law
  • Learning faster, more efficient methods of preparing cases
  • Opportunities to practice skills and build knowledge of procedure through exercises and role play
  • Expert feedback from experienced trainer and Tribunal Chairman
  • Improve your chances of success - become more persuasive and more confident in front of the tribunal