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    1. Advocacy
    2. Case Management and Interim Procedures
    3. Case Planning and Preparation
    4. Clear Writing for Professionals
    5. Discrimination Law
    6. Drafting Statements of Case
    7. Employment Tribunals
    8. Equal Opportunities
    9. Evidence
    10. Expert Witness Training
    11. Graduate Skills Programme
    12. Higher Rights
    13. Intermediary Training
    14. Interviewing Clients
    15. Managing the Expert
    16. Mediation and ADR
    17. Negotiation
    18. Opinion Writing
    19. Preparing and Drafting Witness Statements
    20. Project Management
    21. Professional Skills Course
    22. Public Speaking and Voice Training
    23. Remedies
    24. Structured Litigation Programme
    25. Solicitors Accounts Rules
    26. Tax Practitioners
    27. Trial Preparation
    28. Witness Familiarisation
About City

In-house courses

Do you require a tailor-made course for your organisation?

Our in-house courses are:

  • Tailored to meet your training needs through the use of specialist case studies and role plays
  • Designed to provide a long-term investment in your people
  • Designed to help your people learn more accurate, more effective and more efficient ways of working
  • Delivered at your premises or our state of the art facilities here at The City Law School

The following courses are an example of some of the courses we have provided in the past. If there is a subject area you wish to cover that's not included in our list of in-house courses, please contact us to discuss your bespoke training requirements.