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About City

Start-Ed Commercial Law Clinic

Start-Ed Information for clients

Start-Ed is a free walk-in centre offering assistance for small businesses and technology start-ups. The service provides advice on a range of business and legal matters. It is run by law students of The City Law School and supervised by local professionals. No booking is required. We operate on a first come first serve basis.

We can assist you with:

  • Business structure and incorporation
  • Contractual agreements - key issues in contracts
  • Intellectual property issues - copyright/trademarks/patents
  • Preparation for an investment
  • Recruiting students across a range of subject areas including IT, Business, Law, and Journalism/Social media

To attend one of our sessions as a client, please visit our Appointment Booking Page or e-mail us on Start-Ed@city.ac.uk.

Our clinic sessions operate every Tuesday evening (6:30-8:30pm) during term time (early October to mid-December and late January to early April).

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Start-up Legal Library

Access key resources to help get your business off the ground in our Start-up Legal Library.

Please note:

  1. Each week we deal with a selection of the issues listed above and we cannot address each and every issue in every session. If we cannot deal with your specific issue, we will try to signpost you to useful services elsewhere or alternatively, if possible, deal with the issue at a future session.
  2. We do not provide written legal advice at any introductory consulting session. However, we are happy to review any documents which you have prepared or provide high level guidance on issues you need to consider when preparing specific documents.
  3. The advice provided is by professionals in the local community, however, our service is not intended as a substitute for paid professional legal advice and is not, as such, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. It is merely intended to point you in the right direction and provide broad guidance on legal issues. If you require urgent legal advice, we strongly urge you to seek paid professional legal advice.