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At The City Law School all of our students are given the opportunity to volunteer for Pro Bono work. The Pro Bono Unit offers a range of activities including an in-house Advice Clinic, placement clinics, a partnership programme and a Streetlaw programme.

We leave it up to you to select the programme which best suits your skills, interest and professional objectives. If you take advantage of these opportunities, you are likely to gain valuable experience in the practice of some of the skills in which you are formally assessed. Obviously you will need to do legal research before giving advice. Similarly, an opportunity to interview a real client will help to develop your interviewing skills, while giving an advice in writing will help to develop your skills in drafting and writing. You may also wish to make reference in your CV to the work that you have done.

The Advice Clinic

The Advice Clinic is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to give free legal advice with the help of qualified solicitors from Travers Smith, a City firm of solicitors, and Lewis Silkin.

The daytime Advice Clinic is open throughout the academic year for daytime appointments. and is also open for evening appointments on alternate Tuesdays between 6.00 - 8.00pm.

At the Clinic you will have the opportunity, in pairs, to interview a client with a real legal problem. Within seven days of seeing your client, you will be expected to write an initial letter giving details of the interview and the legal problems raised. After a further 14 days you will be expected to write a letter setting out your legal advice. You can only give advice after you have discussed the case with your Clinic Supervisor, who will be available at the time of the interview and on certain other agreed days. The Clinic Supervisor checks each letter before it is sent out in the names of the student advisers, endorsed by the Clinic Supervisor.

You will be given training before you meet your client and be provided with a handbook covering procedures in operation at the Clinic. At the training session your supervisor will allocate interview appointments to the trained students. 

You also have the opportunity to take part in the Blackfriars settlement advice clinic, which are held  on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. At the clinic you can assist with office duties, contacting clients and observing the advice given by Taylor Wessing's lawyers to members of the public.

Placement Clinics

Pro Bono Room

We have dedicated pro bono facilities for at the School, which includes an integral interview room, filing cabinets, telephones, photocopying facilities, printers, and computer desks. In addition, we also have a separate room for students who advise on the National Domestic Violence programme.