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About City

Pro-Bono opportunities

Our Pro bono programme has grown to include a number of partnership programmes at local, national and international level. We encourage you to play an active role in the daily running of these projects and in the development of both new and existing projects. Please note not all opportunities are available to all law students.

Pro-Bono Opportunities

Blackfriars Settlement Advice Clinic

This is one of our partnership clinics that works with a firm of solicitors where the lawyers provide advice to the client in an interview. Students can observe the advice being given and assists with obtaining client details and instructions beforehand and maintaining accurate records. The students use The City Law School facilities for doing this and they attend at the clinic in Waterloo on a Wednesday evening rota system.  Open to LPC/BVS students.

Big Voice

The aim of this project is for pupils from local state schools (16-18 year olds) to engage with the law, courts and legal profession. Students attend and meet judges at the Supreme Court, receive seminars on legal careers from local firms of solicitors and undertake mock trials, etc.  Open to all LPC/BVS students.

City University Volunteering

One of the great advantages of studying at City Law School is the opportunity to have access to it’s central volunteering services. This allows students access to over 200 organizations who are looking for volunteers.  Some of these organizations are directly related to and working in the area of law.  All students can volunteer and they do so by registering on the volunteering page. They can also contact Ben Robinson with any enquiries on volunteering@city.ac.uk.


City law students of all levels are able to observe and participate as qualified lawyers consult with people who have set up small businesses. The sessions cover the full range of commercial issues faced by small and growing businesses, from setting up companies and partnerships all the way through to insolvency. This is an education rather than advice service, so clients who are taking further action are either signposted onward to appropriate partners or permitted to follow up with our solicitors directly.

For more information and to apply, visit the Start-Ed Application Page or email Start-Ed@city.ac.uk with questions.

City/Matrix School Exclusions Project

This is a partnership with a set of chambers in which law students provide advice and support to parents and children who are dealing with exclusion. Law students are trained as advocates and take cases to governing body and local authority appeal panels.  Open to GDL students only.

City, University of London Student Union Service

This involves LPC/BVS students assisting, advising and representing students at City, University of London in relation to disciplinary, plagiarism, appeals, or complaints hearings. The office is located at Northampton Square and students are required to commit themselves to one block of four hours per week. It is a great opportunity for students to carry out casework and representation before various university bodies. It has proved to be a great success with our students and those clients who benefit from the service.

Free Legal Advice Service

Free Representation Unit (FRU)

This is an opportunity for students to advise and represent clients in the Employment and Social Security Tribunals after having undergone a training programme. Similar to the National Centre for Domestic Violence option, BVS students can either do this as a Pro bono activity or choose it as an option subject whereby their involvement on a case is then assessed as part of the BVS process. All LPC students can apply to work with FRU but as yet it is not available as an option subject.

Haringey Migrant Support Centre

Students can work with this support organisation offering assistance to those with immigration and asylum issues. Training is provided. Available to all our students.

Immigration and Asylum

Students undertake reception and case management duties working in an advice centre in south London. Open to 3rd year LLBs only.

National Centre for Domestic Violence

It provides students with an opportunity to work with the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) as a McKenzie friend which involves assisting and advising a litigant in person, in the preparation of their case and during the hearing. They may be given an opportunity to address the court. One of the main roles is also to prepare court papers for the emergency hearing.

Students are trained on this before they begin the course and may either volunteer for the NCDV as a McKenzie friend or volunteer  BVS students can convert their involvement into the option subject to be assessed as part of their course. All LPC students can apply to work with NCDV, but as yet it is not available as an option subject.

Pro bono Community

This is a 3rd Year clinical option module available to 3rd Year LLBs who can undertake a taught course ending with a reflective journal and a placement in a law centre/advice centre.

Schools Consent Project

School Exclusions Project

This is a partnership with a set of chambers where by our GDL students offer advice and support to parents and children who have been expelled from School and where representation is also offered before educational appeal panels.

South African Ubuntu Internship Programme

We send three students per year on a self-financed trip to an internship programme at the Western Cape University over the summer. On the internship students assist with the advice clinic, carry out street law projects and go with attorneys to observe court hearings. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and is akin to working in a South African attorney's office with all the attendant learning outcomes. We pay student air fares. Open to LPC/BVS students.

South African Women's Legal Centre

Every year we send a student volunteers to an advice centre in Cape Town to work with lawyers and advisers in a campaigning women's law centre. The internship can be anything from six weeks to six months. You will assist in human rights, domestic violence and educational work. Open to LPC/BVS and 3rd Year LLB.  If funds are available we pay student’s air fare.

Street Law

Every year the School tries to undertake educational and training programmes with the local community through our law students running legal sessions with local youth clubs, religious establishments, schools, etc. It usually involves giving talks and presentations on aspects of the law that they requested, for example on areas relating to the criminal process, offensive weapons, and drugs.  Open to all law students.

Union Law

BVS/LPC students, undertaking the employment law option in their third term, have the opportunity to work with the City, University of London trade union in assisting members with their enquiries. They also have an opportunity to provide presentations on areas of labour law and employment to the Executive Committee of the union.


Vocalise is an award winning volunteer programme established by Gray’s Inn and has become the focal point of debating at Gray’s Inn since 2010. Students are trained to teach debating over a 12 week period. Following this period, students then go into prisons and schools to teach debating. The scheme received more publicity in a The Guardian article.

This opportunity is extremely beneficial for students to take part in as the training involves a lot of public speaking and debating which strengthens advocacy abilities. Open to all students. Open to GDL/BVS students only.


The City Law School and the City, University of London Career and Skills Development Centre provide a range of opportunities for our LLB, Graduate Entry LLB, Graduate Diploma in Law and LLM to work with Pro bono volunteering organisations that need legal assistance.

Pro bono Activities

We maintain contact with a number of volunteering organisations where you can undertake Pro bono work, which includes interviewing clients, case work and legal research. We will give you the opportunity to select the organisation that best suits your skills, interests and professional objective.

A selection of organisations you can volunteer with, include:


At The City Law School all of our students are given the opportunity to volunteer for Pro bono work. The Pro bono Unit offers a range of activities including an in-house Advice Clinic, placement clinics, a partnership programme and a Streetlaw programme.

We leave it up to you to select the programme which best suits your skills, interest and professional objectives. If you take advantage of these opportunities, you are likely to gain valuable experience in the practice of some of the skills in which you are formally assessed. Obviously you will need to do legal research before giving advice. Similarly, an opportunity to interview a real client will help to develop your interviewing skills, while giving an advice in writing will help to develop your skills in drafting and writing. You may also wish to make reference in your CV to the work that you have done.

The Advice Clinic

The Advice Clinic is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to give free legal advice with the help of qualified solicitors from Travers Smith, a City firm of solicitors, and Lewis Silkin.

The daytime Advice Clinic is open throughout the academic year for daytime appointments. and is also open for evening appointments on alternate Tuesdays between 6.00 - 8.00pm.

At the Clinic you will have the opportunity, in pairs, to interview a client with a real legal problem. Within seven days of seeing your client, you will be expected to write an initial letter giving details of the interview and the legal problems raised. After a further 14 days you will be expected to write a letter setting out your legal advice. You can only give advice after you have discussed the case with your Clinic Supervisor, who will be available at the time of the interview and on certain other agreed days. The Clinic Supervisor checks each letter before it is sent out in the names of the student advisers, endorsed by the Clinic Supervisor.

You will be given training before you meet your client and be provided with a handbook covering procedures in operation at the Clinic. At the training session your supervisor will allocate interview appointments to the trained students.

You also have the opportunity to take part in the Blackfriars settlement advice clinic, which are held  on Wednesday evenings throughout the year. At the clinic you can assist with office duties, contacting clients and observing the advice given by Taylor Wessing's lawyers to members of the public.

Placement Clinics

Pro bono Room

We have dedicated pro bono facilities for at the School, which includes an integral interview room, filing cabinets, telephones, photocopying facilities, printers, and computer desks. In addition, we also have a separate room for students who advise on the National Domestic Violence programme.