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About City

City/Matrix School Exclusions Project


The School Exclusion Project

A jointly run, award-winning project between City and Matrix Chambers, providing free legal representation to challenge permanent exclusions.

Please read the information on this page and the School Exclusion Project website carefully. The School Exclusion Project can only be contacted by email or by completing the self-referral form. The Project cannot be contacted by phone or via The City Law School.

Have you or your child recently been permanently excluded from school?

We provide free advice and legal representation to help you challenge your or your child's permanent exclusion. 

About The School Exclusion Project:

We provide trained representatives who will help you challenge your child's permanent exclusion from school. Appeals go first to the Governing Body of your school and then to an Independent Review Panel. We also provide assistance at First Tier Tribunals if you believe the exclusion was discriminatory in nature.


Who will represent me?

You and your child will be represented by a law student from City who has received specialist training in exclusions and discrimination law from barristers at Matrix Chambers. The law student is not a qualified lawyer, but can provide you with lay advice and representation at no cost to you.

What will the representative do?

Your representative will produce a written document outlining your case to the review panel, and will present the case at the hearing in person. They can advise you on the law about exclusions and about further steps that can be taken after an appeal.

How do I get a representative?

Please email us at schoolexclusions@city.ac.uk. We will get back to you within 48 hours. If you leave a telephone number, we will try to contact you by telephone.

Please note that we may not be able to take on all cases because our capacity is limited. If we cannot provide you with representation we will tell you quickly and try to help you obtain alternative representation.

The representatives offered in this project are not qualified lawyers. Representation by students is not the same as representation by a qualified barrister or solicitor. Student representatives will refer parents to specialist solicitors if the facts of the case are such that formal legal advice is advisable. It is likely that you will need to pay for access to a specialist solicitor unless you qualify for legal aid. Student representation is provided free of charge, although travel expenses may need to be agreed in advance of any representation.

How to apply

To formally request assistance, please complete an Application Form. This form is to be completed by the child's parent/guardian. Where possible, please provide an electronic copy of your child's exclusion letter.

Application Form

The completed form should be emailed to: schoolexclusions@city.ac.uk

Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee representation. We aim to respond within 48 hours to confirm whether we can assist or not.