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About City

Free Representation Unit


We aim to provide representation for tribunals where legal aid is not available by assisting clients, who do not have the means to pay, with advice, help with preparation and representation at tribunals. We represent at Employment Tribunals, Social Security and Disability Appeals Tribunals and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Boards and Panels. We also conduct representation at the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Social Security Commissioners.

Number of Students Sought: Unlimited.

Nature of Pro Bono Work

Pro Bono requires you to take a case, including case preparation and representation at Tribunal.


Once you have volunteered to take on a case you will be expected to do all the preparatory work and represent the client at the tribunal. The time commitment depends on the nature and complexity of the case as well the ability of the individual. As a representative you need to come in at least three times a week when on a live case to check for your post and messages.

Method of Recruitment & Qualifications:


We currently run three training sessions a year, consisting of 1 day for Social Security, and one day for Employment. After this initial training you will have to undertake a written test. You will need to attend the relevant tribunal and attend an office induction.

How to apply

To find out how to apply, please visit our website www.thefru.org.uk

Contact Details

5th Floor,
Kingsbourne House
229-231 High Holborn

Tel: 020 7611 9555
Fax: 020 7611 9551
Web: www.thefru.org.uk