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What is a Moot?

A moot is a contest in which opposing pairs of counsel argue a fictitious legal appeal case in front of a 'judge' (normally a lecturer or postgraduate student). To win you do not necessarily have to win the legal case, but must make the best presentation of your legal arguments.

Why should I get involved?

Taking part in mooting is one of the more effective ways of acquiring the skills of a lawyer. It is useful for developing legal skills of analysis and interpretation, but also personal skills of argument and public speaking. Most importantly of all, it's great fun! Mooting is an essential activity for those considering a career at the Bar and desirable even for those looking to law firms.

What is mooting like at City?

Mooting is an important part of studying law at City, with City students seeing significant success in both national and international competitions. The School recognises the value in students taking part in mooting competitions to enable them to develop their analytical, advocacy and communications skills.

We run several internal moot competitions for our students:

  • City Scholars Moot for LLB, GELLB and LLM students
  • GDL Moot for GDL students
  • Senior Moot for all postgraduate students

Additionally. there are lots of opportunities to attend lectures and workshops when students wish to improve their mooting skills.

Recent successes in moot competitions

We send teams to competitions beyond the UK, with teams competing in Vienna (John H Jackson Moot Competition and the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot), Amsterdam (International Refugee Law and Migration Moot) and Strasbourg (European Human Rights Moot Court Competition) last year.

We have seen some tremendous performances from our students in recent years; here are a few highlights:

  • Jessica Allen and Richard Mahal won the FTB Kingsland Cup and Prize Moot in July 2019 – the third City team to have won in the past 4 years.
  • Piers Wingfield Digby, Thomas Mallen and Asfandyar Qureshi won the Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot, held at the University of Oxford in March 2019.
  • Jack Barber and Barney McCay won the Landmark Judicial Review Moot at the RCJ in March 2019.
  • Daryl French and Rory Turnbull won the Master’s Award for the best law school at the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators Arbitration Competition in January 2019.
  • Eno Elezi and Henrietta Boyle won both the Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Moot (January 2018) and the Magna Carta Moot (October 2018).
  • Mooting winners Margherita, Ben, Miguel and Douglas Margherita Cornaglia, Ben Lewy, Miguel Rodriguez-Correa Henderson, and Douglas Grant won the 2017 European Law Moot Court Competition at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (March 2017)
  • Matt Henderson and Emma Rigarlsford triumph at the University of Hertfordshire/Blackstones’s National Criminal Advocacy Competition (July 2015)
  • Charlotte Bellamy and Raphael Gray win the final of the OUP/BPP National Mooting Competition (June 2015). Get Charlotte’s insight into the competition via the blog.
  • Ali Nihat, Howard Leithead and Niall Coghlan (along with Anna Dannreuther from the University of Law) win the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Strasbourg, beating teams from around the world (March 2014). Hear from Niall about their experience.

Want to know more?

Lawbore mooting website Learnmore, part of our Lawbore portal, is an excellent place to learn about Mooting and to find resources to help you learn the skills needed for this. You'll discover video clips of mooting in action, hear tips and experiences from our expert mooters on everything from skeleton arguments to bundles, judicial interventions to modes of address.

The Lawbore Mooting HQ gives you more information about the competitions we get involved in.

Emily Allbon is Moot Director with responsibility for the internal mooting activities and the national/international moots.

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