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Our Pro bono programme has grown to include a number of partnership programmes at local, national and international level. We encourage you to play an active role in the daily running of these projects and in the development of both new and existing projects. Please note not all opportunities are available to all law students.

Pro-Bono Opportunities

Blackfriars Settlement Advice Clinic

This is a partnership clinic that works with a large firm of solicitors where their lawyers provide advice to the clients at the Blackfriars legal clinic on Contract disputes, Employment and Housing – see here for appointments .

The students interview the clients and pass the information to the solicitors and the students attend at the clinic in Waterloo on a Wednesday evening. They shadow the solicitors in the clinic and observe the legal advice.

City University Volunteering

One of the great advantages of studying at City Law School is the opportunity to have access to it’s central volunteering services. This allows students access to over 200 organizations who are looking for volunteers.  Some of these organizations are directly related to and working in the area of law.  All students can volunteer and they do so by registering on the volunteering page. They can also contact Ben Robinson with any enquiries on volunteering@city.ac.uk.


City law students of all levels are able to observe and participate as qualified lawyers consult with people who have set up small businesses. The sessions cover the full range of commercial issues faced by small and growing businesses, from setting up companies and partnerships all the way through to insolvency. This is an education rather than advice service, so clients who are taking further action are either signposted onward to appropriate partners or permitted to follow up with our solicitors directly.

For more information and to apply, visit the Start-Ed Application Page or email Start-Ed@city.ac.uk with questions.

The School Exclusion Project

This project provides free advocacy to help parents appeal against their child’s permanent exclusion. We specialise in disability discrimination and cases where the child has special educational needs. Those children with disabilities and special educational needs are at a much higher risk of being permanently excluded, and therefore require greater protection and a louder voice.

GDL students at City University are given training on the law of school exclusions and disability discrimination by Sarah Hannett, the barrister director, who has expertise in each of these fields. Each student is then assigned to a barrister mentor at Matrix Chambers or 11KBW. These practitioners, ranging from QCs to more junior practitioners, are all people with experience of running education cases.

These students are managed by a team of dedicated student directors from the BVS. These students are responsible for the day-to-day running of the project’s cases, and for all of the outreach and publicity work. The profiles of the student directors can be found here. Read more here.

Free Legal Advice Clinic

Free Representation Unit (FRU)

The Free Representation Unit (FRU) is a charity that provides legal advice, case preparation and advocacy in employment, social security, and some criminal injury compensation tribunal cases. Their clients could not otherwise obtain legal support for want of personal means and public funding.

This is an opportunity for students to advise and represent clients in the Employment and Social Security Tribunals after having undergone a training programme and intensive supervision from FRU legal officers. This opportunity involves the most all Law students can either do this as a Pro bono activity from the beginning of their second year LLB or GDL by contacting FRU directly or choose it as an option subject on the BVS whereby their involvement on a case is then assessed as part of the BVS process. Please register with the FRU to be informed of their next training date.

These dates are intensely popular so please do register and book as soon as a date is available.

Pro bono Community

This is a 3rd Year clinical option module available to 3rd Year LLBs who can undertake a taught course ending with a reflective journal and a placement in a law centre/advice centre.

Schools Consent Project

South African Ubuntu Internship Programme

We send three students per year on a self-financed trip to an internship programme at the Western Cape University over the summer. On the internship students assist with the advice clinic, carry out street law projects and go with attorneys to observe court hearings. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and is akin to working in a South African attorney's office with all the attendant learning outcomes. We pay student air fares. Open to LPC/BVS students.


Vocalise is an award winning volunteer programme established by Gray’s Inn and has become the focal point of debating at Gray’s Inn since 2010. Students are trained to teach debating over a 12 week period. Following this period, students then go into prisons and schools to teach debating. The scheme received more publicity in a The Guardian article.

This opportunity is extremely beneficial for students to take part in as the training involves a lot of public speaking and debating which strengthens advocacy abilities. Open to all students. Open to GDL/BVS students only.

Please apply directly to Vocalise. They usually recruit mentors at the beginning of October.

Refugee Law Clinic

The University of London (UoL) has recently launched the Refugee Law Clinic that provides pro bono legal advice for refugee clients based on a model of Clinical Legal Education for its diverse student body. Delivered in partnership with two law firms, the Refugee Law Clinic also provides the opportunity for lawyers to undertake pro bono work within the clinic.

The clinic’s main legal focus will be on advising and preparing fresh claims for asylum, an area identified as underserviced in the current legal landscape and aims to complement the work of law firms and other service providers in London. The UoL Refugee Law Clinic is an inter-collegiate project of the University of London and at this stage has committed involvement from ten of the University’s Member Institutions, who will each be sending students to volunteer in the clinic.

The project has also partnered with two commercial law firms who will be sending volunteer lawyers to engage in the Clinic:

  • Clifford Chance LLP
  • Macfarlanes LLP

Clinical Legal Education

Here at City, we believe Clinical Legal work helps you to develop a range of transferrable skills whilst helping the local community and beyond. You will have the opportunity to undertake this work as an assessed unit in the third year of your LLB and on the Bar Vocational Course.

We work with organisations such as The Free Representation Unit, Appeal, Freedom Law Clinic, Reprieve and Pro Bono Community. You also can volunteer in our law clinic, either as a student administrator, office manager or adviser. You will be supervised by fully qualified lawyers.

City has a host of opportunities on our volunteering page where you can volunteer to support our local community and build skills.

Consistent with the School of Law’s commitment to social justice and community involvement, our law students who are supervised by a solicitors or barristers, run law clinics in term time. We also support a busy clinic in the community ‘Blackfriars’, whereby City students assist solicitors with a range of real-life cases. We also run Clinics such as the School Exclusions project.

The School Exclusion Project provides free legal representation to challenge permanent school exclusion. Our GDL volunteer representatives provide totally free advice and representation at all stages of the exclusion process. We specialise in cases involving SEN and disability.

The Company Insolvency Pro Bono Scheme


We provide free legal help for Litigants-in-Person (LiPs) appearing before the winding up court on Wednesdays. We operate from Consultation Room 17 in the High Court, Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London.

We can assist with the following:

  • Advice on the law and procedure in the winding up court
  • How to make or respond to a winding up petition
  • Representation on your behalf before the winding up court
  • What will happen after a winding up order is made
  • How to apply for a validation order, rescission/appeal of a winding up order
  • Provide you with guides on how to make the applications at v) above and how to write a witness statement

Coronavirus Update: Litigants-in-Person can contact us via email.

with brief details of your enquiry. We will arrange a conference with a barrister via Zoom. Please submit an enquiry by completing the Company Insolvency Pro Bono Scheme enquiry form.

Nature of Pro Bono Work

Barristers provide free legal advice and representation to the LiPs. Students will sit with the barristers in conferences and observe in court when the barrister makes submissions before the Insolvency and Companies Court Judges.

Information for Students

How to apply

You will be asked to indicate your preference for a clinical project when you register for the BVS LLM (Clinical Legal Education). There will be a shortlist of students who put the Company Insolvency pro bono scheme as their first choice. Students on the shortlist will be invited for an interview and thereafter, 12 students will be chosen for the scheme.


Students will attend a training session conducted by a barrister who specialises in Chancery and Commercial law.


Students will be on duty on a rota system. They are expected to volunteer once a month from October to July.