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About City

Support for aspiring barristers

Whether you're a student on our LLB, Graduate LLB, Graduate Diploma in Law, Bar Professional Training Course or one of our LLM programmes an extensive support service is available to you to help with the process of obtaining pupillage in order to become a barrister.

Academic courses

Many of the career-related events offered each year are designed to assist with making applications, developing your CV and learning how to focus your covering letter to barristers' chambers. Staff are also on hand to help you decide which are the best chambers for you to direct your applications towards and to advise you on other activities, which will help strengthen your chances of success such as obtaining a mini-pupillage or getting involved in The City Law School pro bono activities.

In addition, approximately 20 chambers evenings are held each year. These are informal events run by individual sets of chambers exclusively for City's students, and cover most of the main areas of practice at the Bar. They normally take place within sets of chambers themselves, and include short talks on the host set's area of practice and approach to recruitment, followed by a drinks party-style session at which students have the opportunity to talk individually to members of the set. The fact that some of these events have been held annually for more than ten years is a measure of their usefulness, and an increasing number of barristers attending them are themselves graduates of the University's law courses.

Some sets of chambers have adapted the chambers evening format over the years, and now combine their events with mooting sessions or more formal mooting competitions. Seven of the Bar's leading sets sponsor and judge an essay competition for the University's final year law students, awarding prizes in all seven foundation areas of legal knowledge.

Professional Courses

Careers support is available to you as soon as you accept your offer for the BPTC at City and remains available free of charge for three years after you finish. If you are deferring for a year, this support will become available to you the summer before you start the course.

As with all the programmes at The City Law School, staff will help you look for employment or voluntary work in the area of law in which you are interested and identify other ways in which you can demonstrate your commitment to becoming a lawyer in order to increase your chances of success, including participation in pro bono activity.

Advice on obtaining a pupillage in particular is made available to students from the point of acceptance on our BPTC through the Pupillage Advisory Service.