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About City

Becoming a lawyer

The City Law School offers an extensive range of support for students at every stage of your legal training.

There are three key stages to becoming a lawyer in England and Wales:

1. Academic Stage

This can be met by obtaining a qualifying law degree as your first degree, including the LLB (Hons). Or, if you have a first degree in a different subject, you can qualify by taking either the Graduate Diploma In Law, or the two year Graduate Entry LLB at City.

2. Vocational Stage (i)

Once you have satisfied the academic requirements, you need to undertake a programme which provides the required legal skills training. This is met by taking the Bar Professional Training Course for intending barristers, or the Legal Practice Course for intending solicitors.

3. Professional Stage (ii)

In order to be registered as a fully qualified barrister or solicitor, a further stage of training in practice is required. For barristers, this involves twelve months of pupillage, while for solicitors a two year training contract must be undertaken.

Useful links for more information:

Practising Law in Other Countries

The rules governing admission to practise law vary from country to country. If you want to take a course in law at The City Law School as a step towards becoming a lawyer outside England and Wales, before applying to us you need to check with the appropriate body in the country in which you wish to qualify/practise that our programmes will be acceptable for this purpose and that they include all the specific subjects required by that body.