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About City


At The City Law School we're dedicated to supporting you in achieving your career goals.

Our careers services help you to develop your CV, tailor your applications, and hone your interview technique. We have bespoke services for aspiring solicitors and barristers and regularly hold career talks, workshops, and presentations.

Becoming a Lawyer

We provide you with information about the training you need to undertake to become either a solicitor or a barrister. This section gives you an insight into about the world of law and the type of work lawyers undertake on a daily basis.

Career Support

We offer you the support you need to help you to achieve your career goals. The School has its own onsite Career and Skills Development Centre and you will also have access to the University's Centre for Careers Skills and Development. One-to-one advice, talks and workshops help you to develop your CV, improve your interview technique and make successful applications to firms and chambers. Our Training Contracts Service and Pupillage Advisory Service provides bespoke advice to student undertaking either the LPC or BVS.


At The City Law School we place a great emphasis on mooting as a way of developing your legal skills whilst providing you with invaluable public speaking experience. Don't know what mooting is? Mooting is essentially a mock trial where two sides argue a point of law in front of an acting judge, who based on the presentation by each sides decides who wins. Mooting is an important part of studying law at City, with City students seeing significant success in both national and international competitions.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono means "for the public good" and provides a fantastic opportunity for you to participate in real, supervised, case work. Here at City, we believe Pro Bono work helps you to develop a range of transferrable skills whilst helping the local community. You will have the chance to volunteer to work with a variety of voluntary organisation through the Centre for Careers Skills and Development and the Pro Bono Advice Clinic.