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About City


With its strong base of intellectual assets, the City Collaborative Transport Hub intends to power City, University of London to become a leader in the transfer of interdisciplinary transport analysis and innovation into practice.
One way we engage with big ideas and themes in transport thinking, policy and technology is through our "Transport Challenge Papers", launched in autumn 2009.
The Challenge Papers are a series of succinct topical essays, reviews and 'think pieces', published by the Hub:

1.  Transport information expert Andy Graham, the Hub's first Visiting Fellow, looks into why people don't plan their road journeys (as well they might), and ponders how to make a business out of it;

Challenge paper 1 - Why don't people plan their road journeys? - And how can we make a business out of it?

2.  Visiting Professor David Johnson asks why we can't cut the cost of rail travel, and proposes a fresh approach by opening up perspectives on technology and safety thinking;

Challenge paper 2 - Why can't we cut the cost of rail travel?

3.  Research Fellow Talal Ous takes an informed look forward at the range of transport applications which could see fuel cell technologies -- the high-efficiency combination of hydrogen and electrical power -- transforming motive power and other transport applications within a decade.

Challenge paper 3 - The deployment of Fuel Cells in transport

4.  Jeremy Blake, Operations Manager UK & Ireland for consultants GHD reflects on the puzzling situation facing Britain's railway sector as the 2010 Value for Money drive adds another pressure to a sector hungry for innovation.

Challenge paper 4 - UK Rail - evolution or revolution to drive innovation

We welcome responses or indeed counter-challenges to the contents of these papers. Contact business@city.ac.uk.