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About City

For Transport Professionals

The UK has a number of internationally recognised transport study groups but they are largely topic-based: in transport economics, road safety or vehicle structures, for example. Our Transport Hub is different.

Building on City's industry-facing strengths in postgraduate education and research, we aim to facilitate effective links between academia, enterprises, consultancies, government, local authorities and public-private partnerships. To test our thinking take a look at our Challenge papers.

The Hub networks together teams across City's many schools and disciplines to match them with new opportunities in transport research, knowledge transfer and education. We invite industry to bring us challenges and issues where you think we could add value alongside your everyday efforts. Contact us by email transport-hub@city.ac.uk or call Andrew Huddart on 020 7040 5060

Expertise accessible through the Hub includes:

  • business modelling and marketing;
  • consumer psychology including decision analysis;
  • applied vision (from optometry);
  • data visualisation (from geographic information);
  • supply chain management and logistics (including food policy);
  • controls, sensors and communication network development;
  • as well as many technologists and engineers testing and refining next generation systems across aerospace, informatics, infrastructure and powertrains.

City, University of London is also well placed to offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity and has one of the strongest offerings in London. The Transport Hub can link you to CPD teams in our schools able to design and develop practitioner-focused training with you.

Many Hub members are current or former leaders from sectors spanning automotive, aviation, intelligent transport systems, maritime, public transport, rail and systems engineering and management. They form our Advisory committee, which works alongside the City, University of London to develop the Hub's connections to industry and other collaborators. Advisory committee chairman is Eric Sampson CBE, Visiting Professor of Transport.

Coming to Visit?

If you plan to visit us or attend an event here, plan your journey to and from the venue by public transport. Use these Transport Direct online journey planners:

City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB