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About City

Interdisciplinary City

Interdisciplinary research and education have been major strengths at City, University of London for many years. In research, interdisciplinary collaborations - which occur both within and across our academic Schools - bring together different perspectives and approaches to a problem, allowing more innovative and creative solutions to be found. An interdisciplinary approach to education can similarly serve to enhance aspects of a programme where this serves the programme aims, for example by bringing together practitioners from different backgrounds or professions to work in partnership to enhance services to the public, product development or other forms of enterprise.

Interdisciplinary Centres

In 2008 a strategic decision was taken to make a significant investment in interdisciplinary activity through the establishment of new centres which aim to develop new educational offerings, professional training and development, research and knowledge transfer. Each of these centres has the participation of several or even all of the academic Schools, focusing on a series of themes which make a significant contribution to the City's strategic goals:

Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

The Centre intends to become the UK leader in the teaching, research and transfer of creativity in professional practice, ranging from informatics and engineering to business and the arts.

Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research

The Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research  brings together academics from across a range of disciplines with the aim of increasing the evidence for mindfulness-based practices.

Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research brings together researchers from different disciplines across Cass Business School and the School of Health Sciences helping to improve the organisation and delivery of healthcare services.

Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism

The Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism is the first major interdisciplinary centre in the UK to develop a broad yet focused interface between law, justice and journalism in society.

City Collaborative Transport Hub

The City Collaborative Transport Hub is a network of interdisciplinary activity at City, University of London centred on transport challenges.


The City, University of London, Data Science Institute (CityDSI) brings together data science expertise within the University and acts as a focal point for coordinating and promoting multidisciplinary research on the theory and application of data science in the fields of healthcare, finance, energy, transport and the creative industries.

The Centre for Research on Work and Society

The Centre for Research and Work and Society (CROWS) brings together social scientists from various departments and schools at City, University of London, interested in the study of work.

The Gender and Sexualities Research Centre

Based in the school of Arts and Social Sciences, the GSRC analyses how gender and sexuality intersect with other social divisions and identities in a rapidly changing world, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and research

Violence and Society Centre

The Violence and Society Centre is interdisciplinary and international.  It engages across the Social Sciences, including Sociology and Politics, and Law and Health.