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Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire

As part of the selection procedures you will be required to complete a behavioural styles assessment: the Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire (CPSQ) before you are invited to a Selection Day. We are using it alongside other selection criteria to ensure a fairer and more objective approach to assessing personal readiness for healthcare training.

What does the CPSQ assess?

CPSQ is a personality questionnaire designed to assess a broad range of behavioural styles which contribute to how people approach tasks and relate to others.

Assessment format and results

CPSQ is an online questionnaire, which you should complete at home.  Each screen presents statements about how people typically think, feel and behave. You will be asked to indicate to what extent statements reflect your personal style of behaving. Your responses will be used to produce a profile report.

Points to consider when completing it:

  • The questionnaire is about your personal style: the way you go about things. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • A diverse range of people work well in healthcare settings, so answer the questionnaire openly and frankly rather than trying to guess what is wanted.
  • We might want to discuss your profile report with you.
  • Your profile report will typically form only part of an assessment and will be interpreted alongside other information about you.
  • If you are offered a place on a course your profile report may be used with your consent to inform your professional development.
  • We will respect the confidentiality of your results and the information will not be shared outside of City, University of London or Cambridge Assessments.

Technical Difficulties

We recommend you complete the CPSQ on a desktop or laptop computer using an up-to-date internet browser.

You can complete the test on a tablet computer however a desktop or laptop computer is preferable

If you cannot log in you should ensure that your user ID, password and institution ID are correct. Please ensure that you use capital and lower case letters appropriately for the password and institution ID as directed.