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About City

Investigating home monitoring for patients with glaucoma


1st supervisor: Dr Tamsin Callaghan

2nd supervisor: Dr Peter

3rd supervisor: Prof David Crabb

4th supervisor: Prof David Edgar

Research Centres

Applied Vision Research

Project description

People with glaucoma require lifelong hospital review to detect disease worsening. Monitoring these patients and those at risk of glaucoma includes regular visual field tests in outpatient clinics, which is time-consuming, expensive and unpopular with patients.

However, home monitoring is increasingly popular in healthcare and advances in tablet technology now allow vision testing in unconventional settings such as people’s own homes. Home monitoring of visual fields in glaucoma offers many benefits including improved glaucoma services and patient experience. It could also allow for increased monitoring which research has shown may increase the identification of progression, leading to improved visual outcomes.

Researchers here at City, University of London have developed a novel home visual field test and this project will investigate whether glaucoma patients could use this test to self-monitor their visual field at home between clinic visits.

The overall objectives of this project are to examine the feasibility and repeatability of this home visual field test. Secondary objectives include investigating the effect of support packages and patient incentives in increasing the adherence to home monitoring. Analysis will include the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Potential Clinical Benefit: The outcomes of this study have the potential to result in direct benefits to patients and their eye care teams. Most importantly, people with glaucoma would benefit from increased VF monitoring, potentially detecting VF progression at an earlier stage.

Recommended Skills / Prior Learning:

  • Candidates who have previous experience working in a healthcare background with 2:1 undergraduate degree.
  • A Masters qualification would be desirable.

If you would like to have an informal discussion please contact Tamsin.Callaghan@city.ac.uk.