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Impact of CF on Healthy Siblings


1st supervisor: Dr Jane Chudleigh

2nd supervisor: Prof Susan Ayers

3rd supervisor: Dr Ella Clark

Research Centres

Maternal and Child Health Research

Health Services Research

Project description

Although a wealth of literature exists regarding parents’ experiences of living with a child with cystic fibrosis (CF), there is less evidence regarding the impact of CF on healthy siblings. A recent systematic review demonstrated that having a sibling with CF has the potential to affect healthy siblings (1). Many of the studies that have been conducted regarding this topic are more than 10 years old and therefore may not accurately represent the impact of CF on healthy siblings since the introduction of the national newborn screening programme for CF in the UK [2007]. Additionally, further work is needed directly with siblings rather than using mothers as proxies to identify experiences or outcomes for siblings.


This mixed methods study will be underpinned by Family Systems Theory (2, 3) and will be guided by the MRC Complex Interventions Framework (4). Experience-based Co-design (5-7) will be used with healthy siblings of individuals with CF across the lifespan and relevant stakeholders to (i) ascertain how having a sibling with CF impacts on the healthy sibling, (ii) develop co-designed intervention/s to address the impact of having a sibling with CF on healthy siblings. This will be followed by a feasibility study to determine how best to implement these co-designed interventions in practice and provide information about potential outcome measures for use in a future evaluation study.


  1. Co-designed intervention/s for supporting healthy siblings of individuals with CF
  2. Evidence about acceptability and feasibility of the of the co-designed interventions
  3. List of potential outcome measures for use in a future evaluation study.

Potential for a field of strong candidates

The proposed research will appeal to nursing as well as psychology graduates therefore widening the pool of potential candidates.

If you would like to have an informal discussion please contact J.Chudleigh@city.ac.uk.