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Online feedback delivery and its impact on the educational attainment and personal aspirations of HE students in Health Sciences


1st supervisor: Dr Byki Huntjens

2nd supervisor: Prof Rachael-Anne Knight

3rd supervisor: Prof Pam Parker

Research Centre

Applied Vision Research, Language and Communication Sciences Research /   Learning Enhancement and Development Educational Research

Project Description

In order to be effective, assessment feedback should possess a number of qualities: it needs to be timely, constructive, motivational, personal, manageable and directly related to assessment criteria (1, 2). Traditionally written feedback rarely reaches the student (e.g. not picked up, difficult to understand especially when hand written). While verbal feedback has the advantage of a ‘friendly face’ and other general body languages, its disadvantage is its dependence on the communication style used by the assessor as well as the possibility of potential information overload in a short time frame. As a result, there are numerous online feedback delivery systems available. However, their impact on the student’s educational achievements and specifically their personal aspirations is not fully understood. We aim to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of online feedback delivery through several existing educational tools (e.g. Moodle, MyProgress).

This PhD will use a mix of quantitative outcome measures as well as qualitative ‘think-aloud’ and cognitive experimental ‘perception’ methods to understand the impact of online feedback delivery on healthcare educational achievement with a specific focus on professional aspirations. The candidate will seek to trial a variety of online feedback innovations in health care education (e.g. Language & Communication Science, Optometry, Nursing) and investigate how online feedback may operate most effectively in practice in relation to the student’s learning experience with a focus on developing a confident and aspiring health care practitioner.

The PhD student will be supported to develop their own research aims as they review the literature, whilst later study aims and methods will be developed in response to initial findings. The PhD it is expected to consist of 3 (exploratory) studies. The initial literature review is expected to be publishable as a systematic review, with the remainder of the PhD projects producing 2 to 3 academic papers.

If you would like to have an informal discussion please contact Byki.Huntjens.1@city.ac.uk.