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Public Health, Social Diversity and Inequalities in Maternal and Child Health Group

Our research focuses on population health, preventive action and health care for women and children including socially and economically marginalised groups. We aim to describe inequalities in maternal and child health outcomes to inform public health policies and improve services for women, children and their families. Research includes young teenage parenting , mothering and feeding children with neurodisability, maternal and child health in relation to HIV/AIDS, and the health of  homeless and migrant populations  We currently have 5 members of staff and 3 doctoral students working on projects ranging from locally focussed studies in East London to national studies and international comparisons of perinatal indicators using a range of methodological approaches including  quantitative and qualitative methods and linkage and secondary analysis of national and linked datasets.

We have well established links with Barts Health NHS Trust, Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust and public health departments in East London as well as with the Department of Health, Home Office and non-governmental organisations such as Maternity Action and Equality Now. Our work has informed the development of maternal and child healthcare services and policy in England and internationally.

This group belongs to both the Centre for Public Health Research and the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research.


PhD students

  • Sarah Bekaert
  • Agatha Bula
  • Gayle Clifford


2014-2015 Births and their outcome: analysing the daily, weekly and yearly cycles and their implications for the NHS. Alison Macfarlane, Nirupa Dattani, Miranda Dodwell, Rod Gibson, Mary Newburn, Mario Cortina-Borja. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme. £416,845.60.

2013 – 2014 Estimating matching variable error rates and match probabilities for linkage of large administrative data sources. Ruth Gilbert, K Harron, H Goldstein, M Cortina Borja, B Muller-Pebody, R Parslow, Nirupa Dattani. ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. £159,055

2013-2014. Updating and improving estimates of the prevalence female genital mutilation and review of current attitudes in practising communities in England and Wales. Efua Dorkenoo, Equality Now and Alison Macfarlane. Home Office and Trust for London £35,000.

2013. Initial development of a physical activity intervention for obese pregnant women. City University Research Sustainability Fund Olander, E.K. £3,370.

2012-2013. Initial evaluation of NHS Warwickshire’s maternal obesity care pathway. NHS Warwickshire. Olander, E.K. , Atkinson, L. & French, D.P £10,705.

2011 - 2014 Europeristat Action. Jennifer Zeitlin, Mika Gissler, Simone Buitendijk, Ashna Mohangoo, Sophie Alexander, Wei Hong Zhang, Katarzyna Szomultska, Alison Macfarlane. European Union, Public Health Directorate. £524,900

2011 –2013. Evaluation of Coventry’s Weight Management in Pregnancy Programme - Just4Mums. Coventry City Council Olander, E.K. , Atkinson, L, & French, D.P. £9,084

2010-2013. Investigating the feasibility of a web-based intervention, and other interventions, to address maternal obesity Birmingham East & North PCT Awarded to Atkinson, L. & Olander, E.K. . £4,144.

2012. An evidence review for research and/or effective service provision for overweight or obese children focusing on early years Bartle, N., Atkinson, L. & Olander, E.K. NHS Dudley £4,728.

2012 Influences on exclusive and partial breastfeeding rates within the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets. Christine McCourt, Alison Macfarlane, Janice Christie, Juliet Rayment, Zohra Khanam. NHS North East London and the City PCT. £16,000

2011-2014 Europeristat-IV. Jennifer Zeitlin, Mika Gissler, Simone Buitendijk, Ashna Mohangoo, Sophie Alexander, WeiHong Zhang, Katarzyna Szomultska, Alison Macfarlane EU funding €607,343.

2011 – 2012. Scoping stakeholder views of routine patient data collection. Katherine Curtis Tyler, Miranda Wolpert, Russell Viner, Helen Roberts. CPRU, UCL (DH). £19,481

2011 Systematic review funding. Peter O’Hallaron, Janice Christie. R&D office, Belfast. £50,000

2011 Analysis of birth weight distribution by gestational age. Alison Macfarlane, Nirupa Dattani. Barts and the London Charity. £19,938

2010 – 2011 NICE-evidence synthesis: Tuberculosis Collaborating Centre evidence reviews" for the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence. Gill Craig, Matrix evidence/NICE. £5,800

2010 Qualitative evaluation of the maternal and early years healthy weight service. Atkinson, L, Olander, E.K. & French, D.P. NHS West Midlands Strategic Health Authority. £33,141

2009 - 2011. Linkage, analysis and dissemination of national birth and maternity data for England and Wales. Alison Macfarlane, Miranda Dodwell, Martin Ward Platt, Lisa Hilder, Kath Moser. Medical Research Council. £295,816

2008 -2009 Europeristat-III. Macfarlane, Gissler, Mohangoo, Blondel, Chalmers, Gaizauskiene, et al, EC – Public Health Executive Agency. £167,662

2006-2008 Reducing Infant Mortality – Implementing the Floor Target Action Plan. Macfarlane A & Lisa Hilder. Team Hackney. . £241,000.



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