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Public Health Practice and Policy Group

Research within this group is centred on the evidence base for public health practice and policy with a particular emphasis on primary and community care. Recent projects have investigated the role of allied health professions in health promotion, interventions for infection control and equity and access to healthcare.


PhD Students

  • Angie Bistiraki
  • Nick Castle
  • Sile Creedon
  • Karen Harold
  • Annette Jeanes
  • Jenny Oates
  • Brian Rice
  • Shema Tariq


2013 Development and evaluation of a cancer awareness campaign in Camden. London Cancer and UCL Partners. AE Simon. £50,000

03/2012 – 02/2013. Can a goal-focussed intervention delivered in Scottish community pharmacies improve outcomes for people with allergic rhinitis? A pilot randomised controlled trial. Chief Scientist Office, Scotland. Lee A, Porteous T, Bond C, Francis J, Sheikh A, Smith L, Thomas M, Wyke S, Lowrie R, Scotland G. Funding scheme, amount and date. £165,738

2012 Patients’ experiences of MRSA carriage and decolonisation treatment. City University London Pump-Priming Grant. Drey N. £3600.

2011-2013. Evaluating the acceptability and feasibility of a gynaecological cancer information leaflet. National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) AE Simon, J Waller, J Wardle. £206,939.

2011-2012. Module 2 – Cancer awareness and beliefs. International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership. J Wardle, A Ramirez, AE Simon, L Forbes. £65,000.

2011-2012. Public understanding of cancer screening in the UK: examining issues of informed choice and alternative screening approaches. Cancer Research UK: C Campbell, J Wardle, J Waller, D Weller, AE Simon, C von Wagner. £39,997

2010-2014. ASTRA (Antiretrovirals, Sexual Transmission Risks and Attitudes). National Institute of Health Research. A Philips, A Rodger, F Lampe, J Lundgren, M Johnson, G Hart, L Sherr, J Elford, W Burman, J Neaton, A Miners, S Collins, A Johnson, et al. £2,000,000.

2010-2013. Early presentation of gynaecological cancers. IMPACT PhD studentship UCL/Target Ovarian Cancer/CR-UK: J Waller, AE Simon. £62,076.

2009-2012. Diet and physical activity to prevent recurrence of high risk adenomas: a feasibility study. NIHR: S Wilson, M Brookes, K Cheng, H Croker, A Daley, G Dowswell, N Freemantle, J Mathers, D Morton, AE Simon, T Taskila, A Taylor, J Wardle. £241,364.

2008-2012. Experience and outcome of pregnancy among women living with HIV in the UK. Medical Research Council: S Tariq, P Rookey, A Pillen, J Elford. £250,000.

11/2008 - 10/2010. What health care experiences matter to patients and how can we assign value to them for policy making purposes? M Ryan, V Entwistle, J Francis, C Fraser. MRC: £228,149.

10/2008 – 09/2012 - Randomised controlled trial comparing foam sclerotherapy, alone or in combination with endovenous laser therapy, with conventional surgery as a treatment for varicose veins. J Brittenden, J Norrie, L Vale, C Ramsay, J Burr, J Francis, M Gough, K Cassar, P Bachoo, A Mavor, J Scott, P McCollum, I Chetter, B Campbell. NIHR HTA Programme: £896,804.

2008 Sexuality in Germany 40 years after Kolle. Pro7. N Drey, A Pryce, J Pastoetter. €90,000.

2007-2010. The role of allied health professionals in health promotion. NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation Programme. R Petchey, N Devlin, K Hilari, J Lawrenson, K McPherson, J Needle, A Scriven, J Weinberg. £148,000

2007-2010. Using psychological theory to explore patients’ behavioural choices in the context of urological cancer. JJ Francis, R Powell, J N’Dow. University of Aberdeen Development Trust. £51,718

2006-2009. How do sexual health services in Britain meet - or fail to meet - the needs of Black and Asian MSM? Medical Research Council. J Elford, J Anderson, S Nelson, N Low. £205,000.

2006-2009. Translating effective behavioural interventions - sexual and reproductive health needs of black Caribbean women. Medical Research Council. J Imrie, J Elford, J Stephenson, J Champion, M Brook, R Shain, G Elam. £200,000.

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