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Evidence-based Practice Group

The evidence-based practice group has a wide range of interests across public health and therefore all the members contribute to many of the other themes. The particular element that brings this group together is the interest in evidence-based practice as a research area per se. For example, to what extent is evidence implemented in practice?; what are the barriers and facilitators of EBP?; what interventions are effective in promoting EBP?; does an evidence-based approach improve patient satisfaction or outcomes?

The members of the EBP group are also committed to undertaking systematic reviews and research synthesis in their own subject areas and many are contributors to the Cochrane and/or Campbell Collaborations.



2013-2018. The development and evaluation of enhanced audit and feedback interventions to increase the uptake of evidence-based transfusion practice. NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR). Canada PRIME plus. : Stanworth S, Foy R, Francis JJ, Prior M, Glidewell L, Farrin A, Grant-Casey J, Michie S, Rowley M, Murphy M, Campbell H. £1,983,232

2012-2015 ECRAN – European Communication on Research Awareness Needs. European Union FP7. Mosconi P. (Istituto Mario Negri), Burls A. €1.1M

2012 Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Understanding of Health Research. Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute. Burton M, Burls A. £3k

2012 Development of a Risk Communication Website for Sandwell PCT Saunders P, Burls A. £3k

2011-13 Curriculum review for evidence-based practice in Australasian optometry. Australian Learning and Teaching Council. Suttle C and Jalbert I. AUD217,000

2011 Enhancing Public Understanding of Health Research. Wellcome Trust. : Burls A, Chalmers I. £30k

2010-2011 PsyWell (Online RCT of CBT for Wellbeing) NHS Choices. Powell J Burls A, (PI) £30k

2009 E-Learning web resource for NHS workforce (To develop eight interactive web-based e-learning modules, covering the key skills and competencies required for evidence-based practice, to improve the capacity and capability of the Public Health Information and Intelligence.) Public Health Action Support Team. Burls A, Brice A. £56K

2010 – 2014. Participation in physical play and leisure in children with motor impairments.MRC (Population Health Scientist Fellowship). Kolehmainen N, Francis J, Owen C, Ramsay C, McKee L. £304,645

2008 Understanding Risk (To develop an online interactive risk communication tool) Health Protection Agency. Burls A. £7,000

2008-2013. Selecting individual and organisational theories for interventions to change clinical practice. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. : Grimshaw J, Brouwers M, Driedger M, Eccles MP, Francis J, Godin G, Hanna S, Hux J, Johnston M, Legare F, Lemyre L, Pomey MP, Sales A, Zwarenstein M. CAD$604,405.



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