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Previous Disability and Social Inclusion Seminars


Evaluation of the 'Fit for Work' Pilots

  • Jim Hillage, Director of Research, Institute for Employment Studies
  • Tuesday 10th July 2012
  • Slides

Experience of the Work Programme

  • Martyn Rosser, Policy and Research Analyst, Ingeus, a leading welfare-to-work provider
  • Tuesday 12th June 2012
  • Slides

A Whistlestop Tour through Equality, Human Rights, Mental Health and Mental Capacity

  • Jo Honigmann and Camilla Parker, Just Equality: a human rights and equality consultancy
  • Tuesday 15th May 2012
  • Slides

The Ethics of Telecare

  • Jennifer Francis, Research Analyst, Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • Tuesday 17th April 2012
  • Slides

Evaluation of the Employment and Support Allowance

  • Helen Barnes, Freelance Social Policy Analyst and Helen Stevens, Research Officer, Institute for Employment Studies
  • Tuesday 13th March 2012
  • Slides

How to Improve Specialist Employment Services for Disabled People

  • Liz Sayce OBE, Chief Executive Disability Rights UK
  • Tuesday 14th February 2012
  • Presentation slides

Silencing and Game Playing; the Management of Risk Status in a Medium Secure Forensic Mental Health Unit

  • Lisa Reynolds, Divisional Lead, Health Services Research and Management Division, City University London
  • Tuesday 17th January 2012

Comparing Experiences of Users/Care Workers in Cash-for-Care Systems in the UK and Norway

  • Karen Christensen, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Tuesday 6th December 2011
  • Presentation slides

Employer Initiatives to Improve Employment Opportunities for Disabled People

Improving People with Learning Disabilities' Experiences of the NHS

  • Jim Blair, Consultant Nurse in Learning Disabilities and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences run jointly by Kingston University and St. George's , University of London
  • Tuesday 11th October 2011
  • Presentation slides
  • Presentation handout


Changing the storyline: Disability led recovery and the purple pound

  • Philip Connolly, Independent Living Campaigner, RNIB
  • Tuesday 19th July 2011
  • Slides

Insurance and social inclusion

  • Nick Kirwan, Assistant Director, Health and Protection, Association of British Insurers
  • Tuesday 12th July 2011

Evaluating welfare to work programmes for disabled people

  • Sara Dewson, Principle Research Fellow, Unemployment and Labour Market Disadvantage Team, Institute for Employment Studies
  • Tuesday 28th June 2011

Personal budgets - benefits and disadvantages

  • Jose-Luis Fernandez, Deputy Director and Principle Research Fellow, Personal Social Sciences Research Unit, LSE
  • Tuesday 14th June 2011

Cerebral palsy and online social networks

  • Makayla Lewis, PhD Researcher, Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, City University London
  • Tuesday 12th April 2011

How will Third Sector disability organisations fare in the new era of austerity?

  • Mark Deal, Head of Research and Development, Enham: A disability charity
  • Tuesday 8th March 2011

Investigating the usability of web interfaces for people with learning disabilities

  • Peter Williams, Research Fellow, University College London
  • Tuesday 8th February 2011

Changes in the benefits system for sick and disabled people: Are they working out?

  • Sue Royston, Social Policy Officer (Sickness and Disability Benefits), Citizens' Advice Bureau
  • Tuesday 11th January 2011

Defying conventions: Challenges to monitoring the disability convention in the UK

  • Marc Bush, Head of Policy, Scope
  • Tuesday 7th December 2010

Moments and methods: Challenges in altered lives after brain surgery

  • Paul Barrett, Researcher, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Interprofessional Practice, City University London; A Director of Bri, Acquired Brain Injury Advocacy Association, Ireland.
  • Tuesday 9th November 2010

Communication aid mediated contributions in children's peer interactions

  • Michael Clarke, Lecturer in Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London
  • Tuesday 12th October 2010


Can we measure social inclusion?

  • Jenny Secker, Professor of Mental Health, Anglia Ruskin University & South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Wednesday 14th July 2010

Is the House of Lords relevant to disability legislation? Confessions of a Peer

  • Colin Low, Lord Low of Dalston, formerly chairman RNIB and Honorary Visiting Professor, City University London
  • Wednesday 9th June 2010

Digital inclusion and social exclusion: is there a relationship and what are the policy implications?

  • Ellen Helsper, Lecturer, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics
  • Wednesday 12th May 2010

Disabled refugees and asylum seekers (TBC)

  • Neil Amas and Jacob Lagnado, ICAR (Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees), City University London.
  • Wednesday 14th April 2010

Does the DWP's research justify privatising its employment programmes?

  • Steve Davies, Senior Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff
  • Wednesday 10th March 2010

Effectiveness of Individual Placement and Support in obtaining and sustaining employment for people with mental health problems

  • Bob Grove, Director of the Employment Programme, Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
  • Wednesday 10th February 2010

Improving the employability of people with learning disabilities through electronic assistive technology

  • Jonathan Perry, Senior Research Fellow, Welsh Centre Learning Disabilities, Cardiff University
  • Wednesday 20th January 2010

World Disability Day
How can we combat discrimination and promote disability equality?

  • Liz Sayce, Chief Executive, Radar
  • Friday 4th December 2009

The promise of the 2012 games: social impacts of the paralympics

  • Suzanne Dowse, Research Development Officer, Centre for Sport, Physical Education and Activity Research, Canterbury Christchurch University
  • Wednesday 11th November 2009

US and UK routes to employment for disabled people: a comparative analysis.

  • Ralph Crystal, Wallace Charles Hill Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling, Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, University of Kentucky, US
    Doria  Pilling, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Disability and Social Inclusion, City University London
  • Wednesday 14th October 2009

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