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About City

Centre for Public Health Research

Public Health is "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting, protecting and improving health through the organised efforts of society".

Sir Donald Acheson (1988).

Activities that involve public health practice include:

  • Health protection, e.g. communicable disease prevention and control
  • Health promotion, e.g. vaccination or reducing smoking campaigns
  • Screening to identify risk factors or early disease that can be treated
  • Organisation and evaluation of health service delivery
  • Working for equity and access to health care

The Centre is a multidisciplinary team which cross cuts with other health research groups at City, University of London. The research portfolio covers a wide range of public health activities at a local, national and global level. In particular City has a strong background in ophthalmic, nursing and community, maternal and child and speech and language public health. It also has an established research stream in global public health, infectious diseases, public and patient involvement in health and evidence-based practice.

The Centre for Public Health Research comprises 36 academic and research staff and 19 doctoral students which are organised into 5 active research groups. CPHR staff are engaged in current or recent research projects to a value of £12 million, stimulating a range of research outputs including over 173 peer-reviewed journal articles over the past five years.

The Centre comprises five research groups:

  1. Public health practice and policy
  2. Global public health
  3. Public health, social diversity and inequalities in maternal and child health
  4. Ophthalmic public health
  5. Evidence-based practice.

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