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Mental Health Nursing Group

The Mental Health Nursing Group conducts research in three key areas: evaluating and improving mental health nursing care; partnership working with mental health service users and carers; and innovations in the delivery of mental health care in healthcare teams and services.

This multidisciplinary group comprises eighteen academic and research staff and two doctoral students. Current and recent research includes a national comparison of recovery-focused care planning in community mental health settings; a trial of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of peer support for service users discharged from hospital; and a study of protected engagement time on mental health wards.

Other research includes a study of young offenders' mental health problems and experiences of using mental health services; action research studies exploring organisational transformation through the development of nursing practice expertise; and a joint study with pharmacists on improving medication information provided to mental health service users.

The Mental Health Nursing Group plays a major role within key national groups, including the National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guidelines Development Group, Mental Health Nurse Academics UK and the Royal College of Nursing Mental Health Forum and in organising the International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference.


PhD Students

  • Pelin Dikmen
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Donna Moore
  • Jennifer Oates
  • Miriam Theil
  • Isaac Tuffour
  • Rebecca Webb


2012-2014, Cross-national comparative study of recovery-focused mental health care planning and coordination. Awarded to Simpson, A., Hannigan, B., Coffey, M., Jones, A., Faulkner, A. & Rowe, J. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research. £392,383

2012-2013, An enquiry into the relationship between mental health services for 16-25 year olds and offending. Awarded to Campbell, S. Barrow Cadbury Trust/Young Minds. £10,000.

2012-2013, The first antenatal appointment: an exploratory study of the experiences of women with a diagnosis of mental illness.. Awarded to Phillips, L. City University Pump Priming £3000

2011-2013, Evaluation of a Preceptorship programme for newly qualified mental health nurses. Awarded to Simpson, A. East London NHS Foundation Trust. £30,000.

2011-2012, Student midwives awareness of perinatal mental illness in East London.. Awarded to Phillips, L. & Jarrett, P. Florence Nightingale Foundation. £3,000

*2010, Good Practice Guidance for Involving Carers in Research. Mental Health Research Network. Awarded to Repper, J. & Simpson, A. £7,350

2010, A documentary based evaluation of the CNO report. Department of Health. Awarded to Hardy, S. £10,000

2010-2012, A preliminary comparison of acute mental health inpatient wards which use Patient Engagement Time, with other wards delivering standard care alone. National Institute of Health Research: Research for Patient Benefit programme. Awarded to Nolan, F., Johnson, S., Gray, R., Simpson, A., Evans, L., Gilburt, H., and Morant, N. £243,733

2010-2011, Quality improvement inpatient violence. Stepped wedge evaluation of service development intervention to improve risk assessment and management within an in-patient mental health unit (Cardiff). Health Foundation SHINE: Awarded to Young, N. & Haddad, M. £72,000

2009-2014, Reducing conflict and containment in psychiatry. National Institute of Health Research Programme Grant. Awarded to: Bowers, L., Hunt, L., Allen, T., Dunn, J., Nijman, H., Parkin, D., Muir-Cochrane, E., Priebe, S. & Simpson, A. £1,959,924.

2009-2011, A pilot randomised controlled trial to measure the effectiveness of peer support in increasing hope and quality of life in psychiatric patients discharged from hospital. National Institute of Health Research: Research for Patient Benefit programme. Awarded to Simpson, A., Bowers, L., Evans, R., Hunt, L., Sherman, P., Hall, C. & Flood, C. £311,011



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