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Centre for Applied Vision Research

About the Centre

The Centre for Applied Vision Research (CAVR) was established in 1987, to undertake cutting-edge research spanning laboratory-based fundamental studies in vision to translational clinical research on the detection, diagnosis and management of vision disorders. The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary scientific and clinical team with expertise in the field of vision and eye care. Research interests and ongoing projects remain diverse and there is considerable integration and collaboration within the School of Health Sciences, across the university and externally, both with industry and other universities in the UK and abroad.

Research within the CAVR has led to fundamental findings in optics and visual psychophysics, many of which have found practical applications in the development of advanced vision tests and informed occupational vision standards. The outputs from clinical research projects have influenced the detection and management of chronic eye diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

The Centre comprises of four research groups:

  1. Vision in Health and Disease
  2. Measurement Techniques in Vision
  3. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  4. Optics and Occupational Vision

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