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About City

Research at the School of Health Sciences

Our vision is to enhance the health and wellbeing of people in their communities and nations by partnering with users, practitioners and policy-makers to deliver research that is innovative, usable and policy-relevant.


We are achieving our vision by

Carrying out internationally excellent and world-leading research into health and wellbeing that is focused on impact in our areas of strength.

Creating an inclusive and diverse ‘academy without walls’ by working across disciplinary boundaries and developing and enriching partnerships with stakeholders to create new research synergies.

Activating the translational pathways from scientific discovery to public benefit.

Growing the quality and quantity of research by increasing the number of staff who are awarded competitive research funds (horizontal growth) and increasing the average size (and hence, likely quality) of research awards (vertical growth).

Recruiting, retaining and developing exceptional staff, who have a strong research trajectory in areas of strength and demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities

Here at the School of Health Sciences we have 7 Research Centres

Centre for Applied Vision Research led by Professor John Lawrenson

Centre for Food Policy led by Professor Corinna Hawkes

Centre for Health Services Research led by Professor Leanne Aitken

Centre for Language Communication Sciences Research led by Professors' Lucy Henry and Katerina Hilari

Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research led by Professor Christine McCourt

Centre for Mental Health Research led by Professor Rose McCabe

Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research (interdisciplinary) led by Dr Charitini Stavropoulou

Research Degrees

Find out more about our Research Degrees and how to apply.

My Home Life England

My Home Life England logo The School of Health Sciences hosts My Home Life England,  part of an international initiative that promotes quality of life for people who live, die, visit and work in care homes for older people.

My Home Life is founded on four evidence-based guiding principles: Developing best practice together, Focusing on relationships, Being appreciative, and Having caring conversations. Human Rights underpin the vision and principles of My Home Life.

In England, My Home Life’s work was originally led by Professor Julienne Meyer and Tom Owen. Since 2006, it has continued to develop evidence-based approaches through co-creation with the sector.

For more information on the work of My Home Life England, including the way they work alongside care homes, support leadership development in the sector, connect care homes to their local communities and promote research informed positive practice, please visit the My Home Life website.