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About City

Facilities at the School of Health Sciences

Our facilities have been designed to enable students to experience and train for real life health care environments through simulated practice, on campus throughout their courses. Based at Northampton Square, the Clinical Skills Centre mirrors real healthcare environments, providing an adaptable, modern and appropriate space for students to prepare for their clinical placements and employment within the healthcare sector.

Our facilities include:

Nursing and Midwifery

Clinical skills education, including simulated practice is a vital component of the nursing and midwifery curriculum. Simulated practice encourages students to explore, experiment and engage in a variety of activities in a realistic but controlled environment. Our Clinical Skills Centre includes two six bedded wards with realistic equipment including piped oxygen, call bells, medicines, emergency and moving and handling equipment.

The School of Health Science is also one of the first universities in the UK to open a Technology Enabled Care Studio, City TECS. The unique facility allows students and practitioners across a range of disciplines to learn how to use the latest telehealth technologies through simulated learning.


Optometry students benefit from a range of clinics and laboratories on campus at Northampton Square. In the 3rd year students have the opportunity to work in our specialist clinic City Sight, a fully working optometrists open to the general public with state-of-the-art equipment, industry standard equipment.

Radiography: Therapeutic

For radiotherapy students the VERT (Virtual Environment of a Radiotherapy Treatment) room creates a fully immersive, life-sized 3D rear projection of a radiotherapy treatment room. It provides models, simulation, enhanced visualisation and training aids for treatment of virtual patients.

Radiography: Diagnostic

The fully-equipped X-ray suite contains 2 Vertix general x-ray units, dental equipment allowing students to practise a range of simulated radiographic techniques using equipment similar to that used in most hospital imaging departments. Techniques can be analysed and refined as well as students having the ability to review the resulting images.

Postgraduate Ultrasound students benefit from the use of an ultrasound machine: this allows demonstration and assessment of Abdominal Ultrasound technique, ergonomic training and demonstration of the physics of ultrasound. For obstetric and gynaecology cases there are two simulators, one of which is haptic - this gives a realistic feel to the scanning process and has a FASP (Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme) anomaly scan for students to practice and perfect their technique.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy students have access to specialist equipment such as ultrasound and laryngographs to help them understand speech production. The laryngograph is a device that permits the analyst or student to examine the patterns of vocal fold vibration using gold-plated electrodes placed to either side of the larynx or 'voice box'. The technique is non-invasive and is thus ideal for teaching.

The Roberta Williams Speech and Language Therapy Centre, opened in January 2016, is our specialist speech and language therapy clinic. The Centre contains state-of-the-art equipment to enable staff within the Division of Language and Communication Science to deliver cutting edge research and services to patients.

School of Health Sciences facilities