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About City

Crabb Lab Research Grants

Research grants the Crabb Lab have received include:


International Glaucoma Association
Project Grant (Charity)Principal Investigator
Title: What type of visual field defects are hazardous for driving?

Grant: £25,000


Fight for Sight
Project Grant (Charity)
Principal Investigator
Title: Proof of Concept for "Eyecatcher": Detecting and monitoring age-related visual disease.

Grant: £52,472


Merck Investigator Studies Program
Project Grant (fEC)
Principal Investigator
Title: Measurements in glaucoma: What matters to the patient?

Grant: £114,000

NIHR Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Scheme
Fellowship (fEC)
Co-investigator and mentor for Dr Haogang Zhu (City University London)
Title: Complex data management, knowledge extraction and computerised clinical decision support for chronic disease Management

Grant: £292,833

NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Program
Project Grant (fEC)
Principal Investigator
Title: Frequency of visual field testing when monitoring patients newly diagnosed with glaucoma
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Grant: £295,000


US National Institute for Health (NIH)
Project Grant (part fEC)
Co-Investigator with Dr B. Swanson (University of Indiana, US)
Title: Application of Psychophysical Models to Visual Disorders
Grant Number: NIH 2R01EY007716 - 19A2

Grant: £245,000 (from a total of £1,480,000)